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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

This is the long Goodbye!

Currently listening to Paul Brady's classic "this is the long goodbye". No subtle message intended, albeit I have been inabstentia from blogging for too long. But what a great song - Paul Brady, is for me, one of those musicians that I have so grown into - my Dad has been an avid fan for as long as I can remember, his song "the island" holds a particularly poignant meaning for our family - someone very precious was both found and lost to that song and it will forever make me cry. All that said I had never really gotten into Paul Brady's music until recently but all I can say is that I am so glad I did - the man is an unbelievable musician and wordsmith. Old age is sometimes a venerable thing - the appreciation it brings is a wonderful thing.

However, I have been missing from the blogosphere again for a month or so. No major reason why except that things have just been busy - work has been more hectic recently than it has been in a very long time. Then there have been long weekends away and a good bit of socialising in between. I put my hands up - last year I made a decision that I would blog as and when it suited me - I never want to be a blogger who lives to blog - more a blogger who blogs when it suits her life :)

Things in Curly K land are good even if they are busy. Lots of catching up on the blogosphere to be done again but c'est la vie.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Rats coming up through your toilet!!!

So I was out planting some trees in my garden this evening. All was good with the world, had managed to get the first cut on my postage stamp lawn yesterday evening as well as managing to paint two newly acquired oak barrel planters for my decking into which my new trees were being planted this evening.

Then suddenly it all went haywire when my neighbours young son was hanging out the window pointing to a MASSIVE rat sitting in their garden. Now, I'm not stupid, I know already that rats are never far away, especially if you live near water, like I do - except knowing and seeing are two very, very different experiences. I mean I haven't felt this girly about anything since, well actually ever. I am freaked out - the one thing that I really couldn't handle is rats in the house, I'll deal with spiders, really won't like a field mouse but I'll actually make myself voluntarily homeless if I come face to face with a rat.

Of course, now I know I have not helped myself, even though I thought I was doing the right thing when I went online to find out what I could get to keep them out of my garden and happened upon this gem on Google Video - insomnia here I come for a long long time!!!!!!!!!! By the way turn down the sound if you're squeamish!

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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Room Escape Games

Are bloody addictive!!! I wonder if there is an AA alternative for those hooked on them, need to find out very soon. I have spent far too long recently trying to escape from virtual roomson one of my favourite sites. All that clicking is not good for arthritic fingers but what the hell! It's no wonder I haven't been posting enough recently or updating my links or catching up with all my favourite blogs.

But did manage to get a fluffy link (hooray - Damien, does this mean I get a fluffy badge??? And no, I wasn't pissed off with you - merely rendered nostalgic!) Plus I managed to weed my lovely garden this evening. Is the fact that the evenings are getting longer fantastic? Hopefully I'll soon be able to use my recently transformed garden (hip, hip, hooray!)

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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Bertie says the entire cabinet cried!

OH PLEASE - SPARE ME!!! How was Bertie not embarrassed spouting that load of shite to the press! Pass the vomit bag, the whole episode is getting more nauseous by the minute.

"Bertie Ahern has said each of his Fianna Fáil cabinet colleagues broke down in tears when he told them he was stepping down as party leader.........."It was the first time in my life I wanted to get out of a Fianna Fáil meeting quickly, when all the men and all the women were collectively crying."
(c) http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/northern_ireland/7333674.stm

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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Never mind WWMD, look what he did!

Ah Mulley, what have you gone and done?? Now I can't get this out of my head! It was a hit in 1987 here and in the US in 1988 - oh, the memories;
  • I was 15 and thought I'd never get old enough to do the things I wanted to do
  • Inter-cert was looming
  • Not allowed to discos
  • Still sharing a bedroom with my sister (it had red wallpaper with white love hearts on !)
  • Hadn't yet kissed a boy (or didn't for at least another 3 years!!!)
  • Thought I was fat - I wasn't
  • Tried to make sure I got to walk around town after school as often as I could to look at the lads from the local boys secondary school
  • Was also listening to Debbie Gibson, Tiffany, George Michael, Robert Palmer , INXS and bloody Billy Ocean cos their songs like the rest on this list were omni-present
  • Had stopped trying to knit leg-warmers but was still sewing a god-damned apron for Home Economics!
  • Was beginning to experiment with make-up and had a Miners eyeshadows
  • Naively thought I'd be married by 25 and just automatically have children
  • A Pan-Am Boeing 747 explodedover Lockerbie, Scotland from a terrorist bomb
  • The other George Bush was elected in the US
  • Kids cool enough to have computers (we weren't) were playing Super Mario 3
  • Big Brother's SamAnda twin combo were born!
20 years on things have changed somewhat, sadly not all for the better;
  • I'm now afraid of getting too old to do the things I want
  • Whilst the Inter-Cert is long gone, not so the Leaving Cert - it took me a while to figure out this link but I now know when I'm stressed - I dream or have nightmares about sitting the Leaving Cert!!
  • Now I'm dying to share my bedroom with someone again - haven't done so since I left home and started college!
  • Again I'm still waiting to kiss boys! Well actually looking for one that I can kiss again and again and again!!!!!
  • I am fat
  • Now when I want to look at men I drive around town!
  • Those songs evoke all sorts of memories
  • My mother still has that god-damned apron somewhere - but I did get As in both Inter and Leaving Cert Home Economics!!!
  • Like then I still only wear make-up when I'm going out but now have more expensive brands
  • Terrorism is still rife around the world
  • There is still a fucking George Bush in power
  • SamAnda are substantially more irritating than they were (I hope they weren't that fucking annoying when they were babies - surely someone would have drowned them!)

I still like Rick Astley though, the guy has a great voice and I only learned what a Rick Roll was tonight so you live and learn!

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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Slide & tilt patio doors?

Trying to do some research on slide & tilt patio doors right now and there isn't a whole lot out there about what's available in Ireland so wondering if anyone has a slide & tilt patio door? Is it good? Where did you source it in Ireland? Will I need to re-mortgage to get one?

I'm simply trying to solve a big problem I've had in my house since I moved a few years ago. My house is a townhouse and only has one room to the back which is the livingroom and the only window in the room is the sliding patio door. It's great in the summer but any other time I dread leaving it open to air the room as I absolutely dread mice and rats and don't want them getting indoors so never leave the door open unless I'm in the room. This means that it doesn't get aired nearly enough as in winter by the time I get home it is dark and cold and sitting with a door open isn't really an option.

As I absolutely do not want french doors opening either in or out of the room and I cannot see any sliding doors with an integral window that can be opened I'm beginning to think that a slide and tilt patio door may be my only option.

Any information would be a bonus - what a pity architects don't think of all practicalities when designing houses!

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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Too much to say!

So, Curly K just had a fantastic first date.............good company, attractive guy, chemistry...............but......................and there is a but;................. shouldn't be.................but there is.

Some women (especially me!) are never happy I swear!!!!!!!!!


"Mental note to self (again!) do not post at stupid o'clock in the morning after a barrel full of wine!!!

There is no real but at this stage except maybe how the fuck do I do a Kim & Aggie on my house single-handedly in the next week or so :)!!!!

The but last night was probably caused by being told just before the date that an ex of mine that I really did like a lot apparently isn't over me and still likes me - duh to me - he broke it off a long time ago, has certainly made noises to the effect that he still likes me since we broke up but only when I was last seeing someone else. He's known for a long time now that I am single again and done nothing about it so he can go and jump as far as I am concerned.

And to be truthful last night was really a lovely night; great company and conversation, good looking single bloke no baggage and some chemistry to boot :)!

Now anyone got a phone number for Kim & Aggie! So much to do, so little time :)!!!"

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Out of the mouths of babes!

Some of the quotes thrown at me this weekend:

  • "are you feeling any better, will a hug make you feel better?" (woke up on Good Friday with Tonsilitis from hell!)
  • "the very best part about my party is having my Auntie Curly K come with us - it just wouldn't be any good or a proper birthday party without Auntie Curly K" (5 year old nieces are generally the most adorable people in the world)
  • "don't look at me, don't talk to me, I don't like you anymore" (3 year old nieces can be fickle sometimes and barren spinster aunts can just ruin your day by saying hello!)
  • "I'm not coming to your house tomorrow, I don't want to, I don't want to make buns and I want to go home" (5 year old nieces are not always the most adorable people in the world)
  • "I'm sorry about last night, I was really tired and I didn't mean it but I can't wait to come to your house to make buns" (5 year old nieces are generally the most adorable people in the world)
  • "your kitchen is very messy" (actually it was relatively tidy by Curly K standards. It was at that point it was decided that my nieces were not getting into my bedroom!!! Also according to this quiz I'm Lynette in Desparate Houswives, whilst their mother is Bree - I don't actually watch the show so I don't know what being Lynette entails but know even I know Bree is a slight clean freak!! )
  • "there are no toys in your house, there is nothing fun there, the only fun thing was the box that spins around" (a Rubics cube was apparently the only saving grace in the boring house from hell and both 5 year and 3 year old nieces agree on such important matters!)
  • "I had my ears turned off" (3 year old nieces are generally the most adorable people in the world especially when they have an answer for everything and a cheeky smile to go with it!)
  • "mine" (1 year old nephews tend to want absolutely everything they see but do so with such a gorgeous smile)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

If it wasn't for the tax breaks I wouldn't exist!!!

From what I can gather, myself and a number of my friends are purely the result of tax evasion on a mass scale. In the 70s there was apparently a bigger tax break if you got married before the end of one tax year, which used to begin in April. Therefore, right about now 36 years ago my parents had just arrived in Ballinasloe to begin the first night of their honeymoon, having left their wedding reception about half ten at night to leg it off to the hotel from their reception in the midlands. Hey presto, just under nine months later, myself and my sister arrived to make their first Christmas! We were honeymoon babies and like many others the result of the annual rush to the altar just before the end of the tax year!

36 years - if they'd murdered someone they'd be out years ago on parole for good behaviour! As it is they are still happily married and wandering along life's path together, not always in a state of wedded bliss (they are a normal couple with all the ups and downs of a normal couple!) but with a committment to their relationship and sticking together through the bad times and the good that I can only admire and hope to emulate some day. Happy wedding anniversary guys and cheers to the taxman of the day!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Yes, I am truly a miserable old bitch!

Dear Friend,

I am, so truly happy, honestly, that you have met your soulmate. I am particularly happy that you met through me and am really, really happy that he is a truly lovely bloke. You deserve that, at the very least.

But, that said, please, please. please do not ask me out on any more of your nights out, I really don't think I can take it. I have actually started to like and respect your boyfriend a lot more than I do you - why, you ask??? Because, to be fair, your boyfriend is an absolutle gentleman and very kind and considerate. Why have I started to like him more than you?? A couple of reasons:
  • he loves you and completely knows (and really respects) what good friends we have been
  • he is an absolute gentleman and knows how important good friends are to anyone and knows we are friends and therefore minds me like an egg because you say I am important to you
I do realise that your life is really, really busy right now, what with work, family and having met the major love of your life. What I get really pissed off with, is the fact that you keep trying to pretend I am up there on your list - let's get real, I am not - invariably something has to give, I am, usually, that something - grand, that's actually fine with me. You are in love, working silly hours and trying to keep up with your new love and family at the same time. All grand, except, don't piss me off by constantly ringing at the very last minute to do something and pretending that I am on your list of priorities, stop trying to make me salve your guilt and make me pay lip service to the fact that your once in a blue moon phone-call puts me on your to-do-list; it doesn't - end of!!

I like you, I like your boyfriend, I DO NOT LIKE constantly being the last minute consideration, it just pisses me off - end of!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Open letter to an arrogant (Ranger Rover driving) bitch!

Dear Arrogant (Range Rover Driving) Bitch,

Thank you for making me feel you were so close to me that we needed only one car, to be fair, had I known you had wanted a lift in the back of my humble car, I would have obliged. It warmed my heart to see you that you had your mother in your substantial vehicle - to be fair, like the rest of us, it's a lot more than ye had when ye were growing up!

It chuffed me to bits to see that you still manage to dress very well, despite having to shop in the wee exclusive boutiques locally - it's nice to see that you support the local community! I'm glad that you pointed out to me, in such a subtle manner, that you have been so successful in out-doing me, in monetary terms, by marrying a man with a rich father - well done you! How clever of you to dress well and flutter your not insubstantial eyelids at a number of men from moneyed families locally, whilst I, stupid fucking me, was at college, being a general tit and inconsequetially earning a degree along the way. How right of you to point out, in such an (in)subtle way that I was, in fact, wasting my time. Of course, you are right, the way to go, is in fact, to marry a man, who comes from a family with money, if one wants to feel superior and even just "show it off" a little. What pride or value is there, to be fair, in going to college, earning your own money, working in inconsequential jobs, actually working 9 to 5 and paying taxes; in even, heaven forbid, managing to buy a very wee house and car - all on your own - you are so right, it is in fact laughable.

Thank you for pointing out all these facts to me in a couple of subtle moves. I thought it was touching the way you felt you had to stay so close to my little car whilst driving behind me and how absolutely inciteful and clever of you to put me so subtly put me in my place when trying to park, the piece of shit that I was driving. How lovely of you to flash you headlights as I was parking and point out that, in fact, right being right, really I should move up for you and your mammy. All I can do is apologise, how terribly stupid of me to assume I could simply park my car without you practically coming into my boot, flashing lights along the way to let me know. I stupidly assumed that you could actually reverse park the huge vehicle you were driving, instead of having to bully a smaller car into going forward so you could fit into the parking space. It warms the cockles of my heart that you haven't been practising either manners or how to park since you married so well. I am beyond myself with delight that you know where you and I fit into this little town of ours, and thank you, most sincerely, for reminding silly old me, that it is, in fact, you that has life worked out. It is, without doubt, ensuring that one is wearing an outfit from the most expensive boutique in town, taking your mother out for a wee cup of tea whilst the minions actually work, ensuring you get the parking space that you deserve and hell, simply just flashing your money, or lights, as and when is necessary, to get what you want. Fuck the simple people; what is to be gained by being your own person, driving a car that costs less than the upolstery in a fabulous vehicle or even, in having common courtesy. You are right, of course, ensure everyone knows how wonderful, rich and fabulous you are, taking mammy out for a wee cup of tea whilst your nanny minds your children and the rest of the gobshites actually work for a living, look like shit and drive shit cars.

Well done you, keep on flashing and bullying, let's face it, it's always worked for you so far, if it ain't broke, don't fix it!!!

Curly K

(Curly K has nothing against Range Rovers, in fact one of the first cars she ever drove was a top of the range Range Rover and she absolutely loved it)

Monday, March 10, 2008

Four things......

I was tagged by K8 the GR8 a few days ago and never got around to doing the meme so here it is;
Four jobs I’ve held:
  • Waitress
  • Managing all document storage and retrieval in a large
  • Law firm Fundraising Administrator with a large national charity
  • Recruitment Consultant
Four movies I’ve watched over and over again:
  • The Great Escape
  • Up Close and Personal
  • Dirty Dancing (let's face it everyone of a certain age did because they had no choice - the fecking thing was omnipresent!)
  • Notting Hill
Four places I’ve been:
  • Ice Church in Helsinki
  • Raffles Hotel in Singapore
  • Harrods in London
  • Eiffel Tower in Paris
Four places I’ve lived:
  • Belfast
  • Drumcondra
  • Glasnevin
  • 3 different houses on the same road!
Four tv shows I watch:
  • Top Gear
  • Grand Designs
  • Location, Location, Location
  • Good documentaries
Four radio shows I listen to:
  • Ray D'Arcy - Today FM
  • Gerry Ryan - 2FM
  • Rick O'Shea - 2 FM
  • Matt Cooper's Last Word - Today FM
Four things I look forward to:
Meeting my soul mate
Having children
A clean house
Sitting out my in my new back garden this summer
Four favourite foods:
  • Tagliatelle Carbonara
  • Bacon
  • Fresh Irish Strawberries
  • Steak and chips
Four places I’d rather be:-
  • Sitting on a Caribbean beach
  • Living in my dream house - a modest but really well designed bungalow overlooking a lake but near a town and not in the middle of the countryside and that is as eco-friendly as possible
  • Chilling at a luxury spa
  • Having a complete de-tox in a health farm

Four people I email regularly:

  • Don't really email apart from for work
The rules say that I have to pass this meme on to four people, then comment on their blogs to let them know. I'm leaving it up to anyone who wants to complete it to do so themselves

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Spread the love - random acts of kindness!

Have been really busy at work this last few days and what with that and trying to sort out feedburner and internet problems haven't had a chance to post. I still have to put something up about the blog awards and will definitely do so when I get a chance.

Just a quick post to say how three different strangers have shown me random acts of kindness since Saturday evening - there is still a lot of love out there folks!

Firstly, Curly K was ensconced in a wonderful 4 star hotel for the weekend in Dublin to attend the Irish Blog Awards. So, with about three quarters of an hour to go myself and the gorgeous sister (who of course upstaged me in her LBD!) headed down to our hotel foyer to grab a taxi over to the Alexander Hotel. Reception informed us that taxis were taking at least half an hour to pick up at that time. So, a conversation about heading out to hail a taxi ensues at the front desk. In the middle of all this, a couple who were also at the reception desk asked us if we were heading into town and offered us a lift. Ralph, from Galway and his lovely wife then proceed to drop Curly K and the Upstage Sis to the Davenport Hotel just round the corner from the Alexander, well out of their way from what I can gather.

Then yesterday I was stopped at the Statoil Service Station in Tulsk, grabbing a sandwich on my journey. Now whilst the shop has most things you need, it is not a really big station with deli and coffee machine etc. It was about half one and I was grabbing the first bite to eat that I'd had all day so I grabbed one of their pre-packed sarnies and a bottle of pop. The gentleman in the station was lovely and was commenting on how it was time to eat and I happened to mention that it was my first bite of the day and not even a coffee had passed my lips by that stage in the day. I was in the process of inputting pin for credit card at that point when he offered to make me a coffee to go - when there was no sign in the shop of a coffee machine. He went into a back room and came out with a cup of coffee in a paper cup and wouldn't add it onto the bill.

All three of these people; Ralph and his wife and the service station gentleman put themselves out without a second thought and with no prompting. It was just heart-warming and lovely.

Both gestures made my day, it reminds me a kinder Ireland that I grew up in, where whilst things were far from perfect, people listened more and offered themselves to help others a little more freely. There was certainly less materially and I'm not talking about no shoes or any of that hardship shite but there was a recession in the middle of my childhood and even without the recession the worship of all things material did not exist to the anywhere near the extent it does today.

So, over the last few days it's nice to have been reminded that life is good and that people when they are good and kind and thoughtful to each other are the best.

Mr. & Mrs Ralph and Service Station Gentleman to you I say a big thank you. I shall pass your acts of kindness on.

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Monday, March 03, 2008

Normal service will resume shortly!

When I get my home (Eircom - shite & expensive!) broadband sorted out - it's decided to have a little holiday all by itself - only fair really when you consider I was away all weekend in the big smoke and got to enjoy myself at the Irish Blog Awards (more about that later)

Whilst I think I've managed to rectify the validation problems with the feedburner feed, I am now left with no content showing up on the feed!

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Feedburner saga continues!

Feckin Feedburner saga continues and I am no further on. Went through Troubleshootize found that original blogger feed was invalid, pinged feedburner etc and hey presto original blogger feed was valid - even though I hadn't changed it. However, the feedburner feed was still coming up invalid - giving me an error message about image and link missing, which seemed to be coming from the photo in my blog header (which had been uploaded using blogger interface). I've tried removing the photo but the feedburner feed is still coming up as invalid!

The feed addresses are

Blogger feed; http://thatfridayfeeling.blogspot.com/atom.xml
Feedburner feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/ThatFridayFeeling

Any help on how I can fix my feedburner feed would be greatly appreciated as have been all round the help topics with no success?

Also, during the process of trying to re-ping and resync feedburner feed did kick into life again but only for the one post made after the problem had begun - all previous posts seem lost.

Plus if anyone has any ideas on how I can keep my photo in my blog header and still keep the feeds ok especially as it was loaded with blogger tools and was causing no problems with that feed?

If I delete the old feed and re-burn using same name would that work re photo and pull back older posts?

Seriously stuck here guys and all help gratefully received.

*Update - just realised I've also lost a number of my Loudervoice reviews that were posted to this blog - fuck this just gets better and better!* Bloody feeds!*

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Feedburner problems - aghhhhh!

Thanks to Quickroute I found out earlier this afternoon there was a problem with the feed for this blog. So, I have been trying to fix it, with no success. Initially, checking the validity of the blogger atom feed showed up a minor problem but just pinging Feedburner seemed to fix that mysteriously.

However, the feedburner feed is still showing up as invalid and it seems to be a problem with the photo in the header. I've removed the photo completely (no change), put it back, blah, blah, blah, pinged, re-synched and still the feedburner feed is invalid.

Am really not impressed with Feedburner / Google help with regards to this problem - keep getting sent backwards and forwards on never-ending loop of stupid generic fix pages between new google page and the old feedburner help forum! Neither of which has been of any use to fix this problem!

i really don't understand why suddenly the feed became invalid out of the blue! What do I do now? Aghhhhhh!

I mean, loike, there could be, loike millions of people out there trying to catch up with Curly K - well ok, ok, my two regular readers might like to be able to check in!

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Monday, February 25, 2008

Would someone tell that girl how NOT to make babies!

Via Raimeis, Quickroute and the BBC a 16-year-old Argentine girl has given birth to her second set of female triplets. The girl gave birth to her first son at 14, then her first set of female triplets at 15. She had both sets of triplets naturally, no fertility treatment. She is one fertile young girl but in all seriousness will someone not take her aside and tell her how NOT to make babies. I mean if she continues producing children at this rate by the time she reaches 35 she could potentially have 42 more children - given her current rate of seven children in three years.

Honestly, call me old-fashioned but to have 7 children by the age of 16 is just tragic for all concerned.

The Oscars

Now, I'm so not an Oscar-watching type of gal but just sitting here in the wee hours of Sunday night/Monday morning and all I can say is absolutely delighted to see two REAL Irish actresses on the red carpet being interviewed by Kate Thornton, firstly, Saoirse Ronan and then Ann-Marie Duff (by proxy so to speak) with her man James McAvoy.

Also, I have to say have just seen Ruby Dee, who I had never heard off, previously, but she is 83 and looks absolutely amazing! Truly inspirational.

"She has been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in 2007 for her portrayal of Mama Lucas in American Gangster. She won the SAG award for the same performance. At 83 years old, Dee is currently the second oldest nominee for Best Supporting Actress, behind Gloria Stuart who was 87 for her role in Titanic. This was Dee's first nomination. It was also significant in that hers is the shortest performance (at approximately five minutes) ever to be nominated for an acting Oscar." (Wikipedia)
Photo (c) http://beautyisasbeautydoes.blogspot.com/2007/10/legendary-ms-ruby-dee.html

Unfortunately Ruby is up against Saoirse Ronan for Best Actress in a Supporting Role so I really, really hope young Saoirse wins!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Well that's that sorted!

It was all sorted, I had picked out the perfect dress for the Irish Blog Awards, a beautiful pink affair like (Exhibit A below) but then I ventured over to the Awards site and was absolutely horrified to find that Sweary has decided to do the lovely "princess-cut affair in chiffon and such, and be the belle of the ball........... But underneath the chiffon creation I shall probably have on some sort of short dress type thing, which shall impress all and sundry." All this because she is sitting at Twenty's table. (or so she claims anyway!)

Exhibit A

So all of a sudden it hit me that a short dress was de rigueur, panic set in but to be fair after downing a bottle of gin and smoking a pack of fags sanity returned. I remembered clearly a chic little number I had seen recently and with a deep sigh of relief I once again knew all was good in the world. The talented K8 (I think she might be a secret top fashion stylist!) had found the perfect little outfit for me to wear, exhibit B below. Not only that but she has let slip that she won't be wearing the exact same to the Awards, as she was reconsidering the blouse - phew, once again. None of that awkward fashion faux pas stuff will be going on in Alexander. There won't be a horrific clash of the "K"s at the ceremony, more a dignified mutual nodding of heads as we swish by each other in our equally stylish but not too similiar outfits.

Exhibit B

Needless to say I have already expressed my gratitude to K8 the GR8;

"K8 - so glad you said you’re not wearing the blouse to the Blog Awards - at least that way we won’t be identical. Thank you so much for highlighting the ideal outfit for me to wear to the Awards, so thoughtful of you to get one with waders to hide my “cankles” whilst highlighting some of my best features like my substantial thighs, arse and stomach. I think you might be gifted as a fashion stylist - I shall certainly be recommending you!"

I do hope you won't all be jealous of just how stylish this gal is going be on March 1 and I just know I shall be beating the men away!

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"Dear Penis" Song

Love this!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sleep with the Angels Little One

Oh how we prayed that day
Please dear God take this away
Let this insanity not be true
We'll do anything, anything in lieu
Let him prove them wrong and our hearts be filled with joyous song

Sadly, it was not to be
For you had a different destiny
Your parents torment was hell to see
A gaping hole left in our family
Tears fall as I write this note, we never held you, our little dote

All your fingers, all your toes
Your tiny hands and button nose
So perfect in your gentle sleep
You were never ours to keep
Yours was much too short a stay, you were going a different way

But on this your very special day
We know you are not far away
You are in a peaceful place
Far away from your little white case
Sleep gentle oh dearest one, you will always be our missing ray of sun

Monday, February 18, 2008

Would love to have this done to me in real life!

Yes, my ass is at least that big - if only it were this simple in real life!

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Last call for the Ladies Tea Party!

Sabrina & Ina are making their last call on their invitation to all of Ireland’s women bloggers to join them for Martinis and olives, (or actually tea & cakes or dinner if you prefer but I’m more a Martini gal myself!) for a few hours before the Irish Blog Awards. It will be an informal get together to meet one another, chat about women and blogging in Ireland and to make friends before the Blog Awards so you know more friendly faces in the swarm!,

It’s all happening in The Market Bar • Fade Street • Dublin 2 • (01) 6139094, From 4:30 until whenever, probably around 6:30 PM. The Market Bar is approximately 12 minutes on foot from The Alexander Hotel, where the Irish Blog Awards are taking place at 7:30 PM. Dinner is sponsored by Microsoft Ireland. The Market Bar provides free WiFi.

Dinner is free thanks to Microsoft sponsorship, which means you just need to cover your bar bill. Please RSVP by posting a comment over here at Sabrina’s so they have some idea of how large a table to book.

Wish I could be there but unfortunately I won't be able to make it - have a martini or two for me gals!

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Luxury Self Catering Competiton - Glengarriff Lodge

Via Conor just heard about this fantastic competition where a blogger could win a luxury self catering weekend worth €1175! Glengarriff Lodge are offering a luxury self catering weekend give-away at their self catering destination with a conscience. The Lodge is a luxury self-catering villa nestled in the ancient oak woods of Glengarriff, County Cork.

A former hunting lodge of the Earls of Bantry and situated on its own private island in the Glengarriff River, this thatched haven offers a rare opportunity to enjoy an absolutely pristine setting in complete privacy and comfort. It was completely renovated in 2006 and now boasts a tasteful combination of historic charm and modern luxury, with accommodation for up to eight people in four double bedrooms with three ensuite.

Looking at their website the lodge looks totally amazing and, I for one, would absolutely love to win the weekend. It looks like the ideal retreat, set in a fantastic setting! Of course for my money I'd bet that Manicmammy, Avoiding Life or JL Pagano wouldn't say no to winning a luxury self catering holiday either and might well be interested in entering the competition too!

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Let's have some dignity and keep Dustin an in-joke!

Ok, so most people think the Eurovision has in recent years become both a joke and a political nonsense, that's a given. Whilst I can see the funny side of Dustin the Turkey ending up as a possible runner to be the Irish contender at the next Eurovision I think that that is where it should end - an Irish piss-take, within Ireland. Internationally, what is to be gained by us making a complete mockery of the Eurovision. I'm no fan of the Eurovision but the way I see it is, if it was good enough for us to bust ourselves to win for years, it is good enough to treat with a bit of respect. Let's not make ourselves arrogant, cocky and above-it-all. It's not that long since we were far from above trying to win the contest and hopefully sense will prevail and we won't make complete cocks (excuse the pun) of ourselves on the international stage.

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Friday, February 15, 2008

Hosting your blog?

Ok, so what happens if you are currently have a blogger/blogspot blog, have checked out wordpress.com blogs but don't like the fact that the templates are very limited compared to blogger. I mean I'm far from a techie but I have worked out how to edit the (CSS???) template and add in a few bits all by my ownsome. I think Conor did comment (a very long time ago) about Blacknight Hosting being very good and I have popped by and their blog hosting is very reasonable but I don't know about domain names etc., exactly what the whole hosting thing entails. I don't understand all the stuff about plugins or many of the "thingys" such as Jaiku, Twitter...... etc. that all the more techy crowd use.

Am I right in thinking that Wordpress templates, separate from the templates on wordpress.com blogs are out there to be used and tweaked if one has a hosted blog?

Help, in plain easy english please!

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Baby steps!

Since about September last year I have been trying to get my life in order, quite a task for a very overweight, unhealthy, chronically disorganised, lazy beast like myself.

I joined Curves in October and apart from an extended 7 week break over Christmas and New Year I have been going fairly regularly, not as often as I would like some weeks but at least twice a week most weeks. (The extended xmas break was due to the usual xmas break and both myself and my exercise partner being plagued with the bugs that have been doing the rounds for the last while).

Also, I am trying to eat more healthily, I am no longer interested in trying to find a diet that is easy to stick to, rather I am trying to incrementally build better eating habits into my life incrementally and slowly and make lasting changes. So efforts have been made to gradually cut down the crap consumed, introduce more of the 5 a day portions of fruit and veg and to try to remember to take the multivitamins in the morning. Breakfast is a habit I am going to try and get into as I am all too aware of just how bad it is to go without breakfast each day. It is a bad habit I am finding terribly difficult to break.

I am finally trying to get better at housework, ok, being honest, the place still looks like a candidate for Kim & Aggie but I have been doing something, no matter how small every evening this week - big change for this couch potato.

Finally I have come to the conclusion that it took a long time for my weight to creep up, my house to get untidy etc and it will take time to get them back into order. Doing anything is better than doing nothing. I am trying to leave the all or nothing mentality behind. Beginning to think positively is something that takes practice when diets have failed, when eating crap is easier than the hassle of making a healthy meal for one, when energy is lacking due to an inflammatory arthritis, fibromyalgia and IBS all kicking one into touch sometimes, and of course when thinking about the changes as a whole is overwhelming.

Playing my favourite music (quite loudly) in my car puts me in good humour. Being well-padded and obese does not mean I am well nourished - quite the opposite and the simple addition of a liquid multivitamin daily is amazing! Also, it's nice to be nice, not to spend one's entire headspace time beating oneself up. Not an easy thing to do but essential I think.

Baby steps, baby steps!!!

Review of Mooncup - the re-useable menstrual cup

Mooncups are re-useable menstrual cups, about 2 inches long, made from medical-grade silicon.

Having first heard about Mooncups and Keepers (similiar except made from latex rubber) quite some time ago I decided that any alternative to traditional disposal tampons or sanitary towels was worth a try. So I put a Mooncup on my Christmas wish-list and it arrived in the post just in time for the festive season!

After using sanitary towels during the first 8 years of my menstrual cycle I eventually began to use tampons when I first got to college and no longer had to pay due regard to the mammy's well-intentioned warnings about Toxic-Shock-Syndrome. I have been using tampons for the last 17 years and so was fairly confident that I would be able to use a re-useable cup once I got used to it.

The cup comes in a little cotton bag with an instruction booklet and some stickers to promote the product should you wish (one of the things that surprised me when I learned about the product was that there is very little to no promotion of it in the mainstream of sanitary protection products but I suppose there are a lot of vested interests in keeping a re-useable product out of the market!!)

My initial reaction to the Mooncup was that it was more substantial than I expected and I was definitely a little less confident that it would be as easy to use as a tampon. The second thing about the Mooncup is that it comes with a tail attached for easier insertion and removal, which you are advised to cut to a comfortable length.

The first time I tried to use the cup it was slightly fiddly but then I found tampons the same initially. After a bit of jigging, poking and fiddling I got the cup where it was supposed to be and left it to do it's job. For the first use I hadn't cut the tail as I didn't want to cut too much of and wanted to get an idea of how much it needed to be trimmed. I would advise all trial-runs to be carried out in the privacy of your own home when you don't have anywhere to go, so that you can get a feel for it and take your time to trim the tail to the right length for you. You will of course, feel the tail until it is trimmed. Removal, the first time went very smoothly for me and I was pleasantly surprised but of course the tail hadn't been trimmed as yet.

The second time I used the Mooncup I had trimmed the tail to what I thought was about the right length. This time insertion was easy too, although was still far from anywhere near as automatic as insertion of a tampon but then I have had 17 years of practice on that one. Once the cup was in I couldn't feel anything and experienced no leaks whatsoever. However, when I went to remove the cup it was a very different story. I just couldn't get it. Deciding not to panic I left it for a wee while and went back to the task once I had relaxed again. I also tried it sitting down on the loo which did make it easier. I have to say once I got a handle on the best position it was relatively easy to remove.

Once the cup is removed it can simply emptied and then run under the tap before re-insertion. If you happen to be in public toilet with no basin near-hand a simple wipe with toilet tissue will suffice. The cup can then be cleaned by boiling as per instructions at the end of your cycle.

I am now converted to the Mooncup and am using it once again. It is fantastic not to have worry about having tampons on your person when you go out, there are no dryness issues which can be a side-effect of either tampons or sanitary towels, it is cheaper than the alternatives (£18.99stg./ €25approx incl. p&p) and best of all much, much kinder to the environment.

There are a few tips I would give anyone considering the Mooncup;
  • take your time, perservere, it is a new product and takes some getting used to
  • aim for the small of your back
  • when cutting the tail, take it in increments till you reach your balance between being comfortable as no tail is left hanging out and leaving enough that you can reach the cup when trying to remove.
  • I found a sitting position on a loo the best position for removal
  • Don't panic if you can't easily remove the cup the first time, take your time, read the instruction booklet and relax.
As far as I am concerned it was worth €25 approx just to try the product out as an alternative to what is currently out there in the market, even if it hadn't worked out for me. It just so happens that it has worked for me and I am now a convert!

Photo (c) www.mooncup.co.uk

Rated 4/5 on Feb 12 2008

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Bon Chance!

The short-lists for the Irish Blog Awards have been announced and I, whilst trying to get over the real and heart-felt shock at being shortlisted for the Best Personal Blog Category, would like to wish the other 13 nominees the best of luck (here-in That Friday Feeling's journey ends re the blog awards - shortlisting was a true bolt from the blue and will go no further - even a blind man can see that) I am honoured to have this blog listed alongside the following greats from the Irish blogosphere - please drop by their blogs and sample their wares:

Best Personal Blog
Sponsored by Microsoft Ireland’s Developer and Platform Group

Sincere thank you to;
  • Damien Mulley for his tireless work on the awards,
  • The judges for the gruelling task of reading through numerous blogs
  • The various sponsors for putting their money where their mouths are (in this category Microsoft Ireland’s Developer and Platform Group)

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

I a fussy bitch! But some things are non-negotiable

À la Golden Girls, "picture the scene.....

So, Curly K headed out on the town tonight, with a friend, who I have not seen in years but was at school with. We had a great night and had lots in common and it was really, really good to catch up and find someone in a very similiar position to myself; still single at 35, opinionated (but she is very quiet, whereas I would talk to the wall!), very similiar upbringing and understanding of how the world works (and yet very different, if that makes any sense!) and far from skinny.

After a lovely meal, where, unfortunately, they had managed to make only one mistake, in that, they mixed up our steaks, which was not a problem as I eat steak either medium-rare or very well done, depending on my mood, we headed to the pub and had some craic and then proceeded to the local late night bar. From there on in, do not know how it happened, but Curly K's mojo had returned a little and many men were saying hi and chatting - fantastic. Except, one I still don't know how he knew my name, other than I saw him chatting to my Resident-Fan-Club (older than my father, separated and so not of interested it isn't even funny!), nevertheless, good night was been had by all and then we bumped into a guy who works near me and who I know very well to see and also that he likes me, from previous nights out. I have been chatting to him before and he is a lovely guy. Fantastic, I hear you say - absolutely in so many ways, he is attractive, even though he ain't thin (never an issue for me anyway!), has a good job (I know where he works!) and I can talk to him (have already chatted to him lots on cigarette breaks) but then comes the rub. I bumped into him over Christmas out shopping - with his son!

Perhaps I expect too much but he already has two children by an ex-partner and then informed that he had bumped into a different ex of his tonight. I am still trying to work out which factor put me off most but his ex is rough (and I mean really, really rough) from my town and I most certainly ain't taking her leavings (completely politically incorrect thing to say but I ain't).

This lovely, lovely bloke who I get on very well with, asked me to meet him again, having spent a lot of time chatting to us and buying us a drink or two. He is a real gentleman but two factors really put me off - if I ever am lucky enough to have children, I want them to have what I had, in that they are their father's first children and not part of mixture of families, exes and all that entails. The second factor is I know his other ex and she is rough, nothing to do with where she comes from but she is really rough and so are her family and I found the fact that he had gone out with her for quite a long time (and been taken for a fool) really, really off-putting. I just couldn't ever, ever, be with someone who had been with that bitch. No matter how much I know that he is a really lovely guy and she, rough, conniving and the rest!

Perhaps incidents like this are why I am still single but in my defense I will chat to anyone and am really open to meeting people who have not been single all their life but I do feel strongly about the children thing and with regard to this guy's ex, I am so put off - she is, not to put too fine a point on it, scum! (She, and indeed her whole family were rough out when it was a rarity in this country!!)

*Edit* - I am not saying categorically that I would never consider going out with someone who has children, just that my first preference would be someone with no children, also some potential partners with children have considerably more baggage than others and obviously there was far from enough of an interest on my part to consider overlooking all the baggage in this instance.

Saturday, February 09, 2008


Via Damien and Sandra Ryan at the Irish Medical Times, it would seem that our esteemed Taoiseach, leader of this democratic country, doesn't even know that County Cavan is in the Republic of Ireland and not Northern Ireland - it truly beggars belief but proves the blatant disgrard that Bertie Ahern has for some of his tax paying citizens in this country. What a fucking imbecile!

And I thought George Bush was bad!

Transcript from the Oireachtas Debate on the 5th February, 2008:

The Taoiseach: As for broadband, while I do not know who incorrectly informed Deputy Kenny, technology companies such as Google, Apple and Dell all continue to expand and invest-----

Deputy Enda Kenny: I will provide the Taoiseach with the figure. Ireland is placed 33rd of 35 countries.

The Taoiseach: -----and are moving to higher rate of advancement in Ireland with huge investment. Moreover, none is even thinking of pulling away from us because of broadband. They continue to develop their capacity within Ireland, of which we should be proud, as well as of our young qualified engineers who go through our excellent education system. In addition, they all use this country as their research and development base.

Deputy Seymour Crawford: Not in County Cavan.

The Taoiseach: I am talking about the Republic of Ireland.

Deputy James Bannon: It is patchy throughout Ireland.

Deputy Dermot Ahern: Fine Gael is patchy throughout Ireland

The Taoiseach: While the House can discuss County Cavan another day, I am discussing the Republic of Ireland and Members should keep to that.

A Member: County Cavan is not in the North.

The Taoiseach: These companies are increasing their investments and operate their European plants using the high quality people who work here. This is happening everywhere. Deputy Kenny may take a certain satisfaction from the international economic downturn.

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It's all good!

Don't you just love when you go back to your gym and find out that, despite not having gone in almost 8 weeks which included Christmas and New Year and the eating and drinking that they entail, that lo and behold, you have still lost weight and inches! LIFE IS GOOD & THERE IS A GOD!!!

I'm getting my hair done in the morning and heading out on the town with a friend I was at school with but haven't really seen in years.

Finally I have put in an expenses claim that I put off for way, way too long and there is a big cheque coming my way next week.

So, all things considered, it's all good here in Curly K world at the moment.

Oh, and did I forget to mention that I have just won that huge Euromillions jackpot??? LOL

Friday, February 08, 2008

Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice made easy

Insomnia has some advantages, last night I ended up watching a programme about The Merchant of Venice on BBC 2's Learning Zone.

"Shakespeare's play performed by members of the National Youth Theatre in a specially abridged version by Tom Stoppard. The innovative 45 minute stage production is accompanied by documentary footage of rehearsals in progress and interviews with the cast, crew, director and Tom Stoppard about the play's themes, plot, language and characters."

Having studied The Merchant of Venice in secondary school for the Inter. Cert. (I took the last Intermediate Certificate before the Junior Certificate was introduced) I did like the play in essence, particularly some of the more famous, of the endless speeches which we learned off-by-heart. However, like many, many students forced to study Shakespeare, I never read every single word in the play and even though I understood the play and found the character of Shylock very interesting I never really "got" the play in a rounded and complete way - until last night!

After watching the documentary interviews with both Tom Stoppard (who abridged Shakespeare's original 2.5 hour play down to a 45 minutes) and the Director Paul Roseby I found myself deciding that their proposed productin could never work. How could the integrity of the play be retained in 45 minutes, especially when many of the famous speeches had been cut way down and all 13 characters retained, therefore "diluting" the much beloved Shylock's presence?

But as insomnia remained my bed companion I continued watching as the production by the UK's National Youth Theatre began. Despite the many intervening years I found myself remembering some of those speeches that I had spent endless hours learning. However, it was the brilliance of the whole production, from the fantastic performances by the young actors to the wonderment of watching this play for perhaps the fourth or fifth time and finally really getting touched by its' comedy and really getting a sense, not only of the play as a whole but of all the many, wonderful characters, that truly amazed me.

All I can say is that I all my initial doubts were truly washed away, I only wish I had been privilged enough to view this wonderful production whilst studying the play, all those years ago.

Cardinal Desmond Connell prepared to go to jail


Tuesday, February 05, 2008

God bless the fucking lunatics!

Well, well, well, there is nothing like a little criticism of the good old Catholic Church to bring out the lunatics in full force. Via Twenty I happened upon That!s Ireland's excellent piece putting into perspective the sheer scale of documents that the "esteemed" Cardinal Connell is trying to block access to by the Dublin Archdiocese Investigation. That!s Ireland clearly demonstrates, very visually, the astounding and shocking number of documents that the Archdiocese accumulated during the long years in which the abuse, cover-up and complete disregard for the innocent was perpetuated.

But wouldn't you know That!s Irelands piece has drawn a truly vitriolic and quite simply nuts response from someone called frodo441. Frodo441's ramblings go from the sublime to the ridiculous, as follows;

…excuse me?…these simple icon’s of stacks of paper’s which you try to make people believe that they contain “one page one abuse” is absolutely absurd… what you don’t understand is complete investigations of allegations of child abuse “which you through out to the public in an effort to thwart one of the best organization’s that still help the needy let alone address the abuses in the world, diplomatically and otherwise…
Why is it “one must ask themselves, are people still wasting time with the old trendy abuse on The Catholic Church which was a popular trend during the early nineties.” I suggest that the first person who never committed any abuse of any sort on another turn themselves in for Saint hood… and we could erect a monument to them as well as instill them as diplomats to the rest of the world which because of the abuses and lack of effective diplomacy, because some people feel the need to air other people’s “dirty laundry” in front of everyone let alone the world.
I suggest you take this fellonious (reintroduction) assault maybe to another planet where you don’t have to deal with life and all the vagaries of existence…while you seek to “air dirty laundry” of others… for lack of denying your own seditious tendencies…and you could corrupt with your misinformation the aliens in a universe where you have to understand the odds of finding sentient people’s are 127,000,000,000 to one.
This is apparently making you feel good and looking for abhorant friends in which you can be provocative. I suggest that if you want to be provocative you do something provocative rather than always bringing up sex… I realize sex fascinates you and it is the quickest way to be provocative… but while you summarily cast out any semblance of order or diplomacy in your bid for provocative things… I suggest you find a nice Adult entertainment bar… it’s much more sophistacated and they like their people to tip well… it is good… I enjoy it… and you’ll meet interesting friends find out what’s going on and have a casual good time with friendly people.

At this point Frodo441 obviously exceeded the word count allowed in comments but God bless him, wouldn't you know he came back for more, as follows;

You would do better to ask the question why for instance does it take France so long to implement sanctions on Iran for threats of creating war and funding people who believe in Jihad… you would do also do well asking why the English can’t teach their children how to speak and why British Scientists found a deep dark void in outer space?
Let alone why Buddhist monks are protesting and being jailed in Malaysia and what could be done about that…being that in the world it’s coming down to the Pacific rim… you could go deeper and ask the ancient question why do people always run back to India looking for something new to eat that they couldn’t tell what it is…. while they put the key on their tongue?…
These are very good questions to ask oneself… another question you could ask yourself… who will ofter you some kind relief in the future when you are left without a nickel to your name because of the lack of protective measures for Americans… these are also lofty questions that need to be addressed… not only could offer some enlightening questions and answers about the War effort and what’s going on in the Capital…?
This is also a good venue for yourself to feel provocative…But I suggest that (with your apparent acumen) go somewhere in public and just take off your clothing , it’s the type of provocative heady weighty material and copy that you probably are very fond off…but can’t seem to get up the courage to do it in a good way so that people can see how provocative you really are.

Astounding that some lunatics can manage to extrapolate from an excellent post visually putting into perspective the sheer scale of the issue that the writer of such a post needs to find "an adult entertainment bar" and other such stupidities - wouldn’t like to live on his planet!

Way to go Frodo441 - that fairly told That!s Ireland (that you happen to be a complete crack-pot)!

No doubt poor old Frodo441 will surely add some of my posts to his "fellonious" list and may even imply, that I too, have "seditious tendencies" - I think I'll manage to get over it!

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Couldn't agree more!

Paige expressing sentiments I agree whole-heartedly with and as ever, expressing them so much more eloquently than I ever could;

"Suffer Little Children
February 2, 2008 ·
“Wrong, regrettable and contrary to the common good” says the Catholic Church.

Alas, they aren’t referring to the shameful attempt by the former Archbishop of Dublin to gag his successor but rather the fact that Brian Cowen was cutting VAT (and hence the price) of condoms.

I’m not sure what bizzare parallel univese that I live in. But in my world, the abuse of children by people who claim a pastoral mission is a despicable and evil crime. Covering up such crimes by someone who claims to care is revolting. In m twisted world, there is nothing about making condoms more affordable that I can find wrong and objectionable. If it eliminates one unnecessary STI (mind you, I’m not sure if there is ever a credible case for using the phrase necessary STI!) or stops two drug-addled teenagers bring a young babe into the world, I’m all for it.

Clearly I need a significant re-adjustment of reality.


And whilst I'm plagarising Paige (that has a ring to it actually!) may I add my delight to the fact that the great Omani has put his head over the parapet once more. Welcome back Omani, babysteps!

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Monday, February 04, 2008

How could I refuse???

I faced a dilemma and I chose; I chose to swap the 10-litre (yup 10 litre!) box of white table wine I had for, wait for it; ......... a full case of french Domaine de la Ferrandiere Grenache Gris plus 4 bottles of Ernest & Julio Gallo White Zinfandel plus a 5-litre box of Rose as well as a half full 5-litre box of Rose to add to my already relatively recently well-enhanced stock.

Whilst none of it could ever be considered fine wine, in the snobby sense, the stuff in the box is very drinkable, a lot of people love the Ernest & Julio Zinfandel and the unknown quantity, the case of Grenache Gris is apparently "A superb Rose. Paler & more delicate than most. This wine has a lovely soft delicate creamy - even toffee - flavour. Superbly dry & with delicate fruit & freshness. A lovely little wine to savour on its own on Summer Evenings........" according to York Wines.

Admittedly, it is a shit-load of Rose to be consumed by one household (when that household consists of one householder only!!!) but the summer approacheth fast, thank God and my beautiful new garden and table and chairs await the assured bon homie that so much wine can bring forth!

As I just put my new wine rack together I can now categorically confirm that the current wine count in Curly K's house stands as follows:
  • 6 bottles of Champagne (including a special Brown Thomas edition Millienium bottle, with one earmarked as a present for my friend who got engaged recently)
  • 1 bottle of sparkling white wine (cos even though this gal loves Champagne, the real thing is too good to be drunk alone but sparkly I can drink alone, guilt-free)
  • 11 bottles of red wine (including 3 different bottle of Châteauneuf du Pape, some Saumur and a couple of Crozes Hermitage)
  • 4 bottles of white wine (recently Curly K has been favouring white wine, hence the low numbers but I do have a little gem of Vinho Verde from Portugal - very difficult to get here in Ireland, a nice Samur and a nice Vouvray in there)
  • 19 bottles of Rose
  • 5 litre box of Rose (boxes are incredibly handy if you live alone and don't want to open a nice bottle only for some of it to be left to go off during the school week!)
  • 3 litre box of Red
Houston, I think we might have a problem here, that's only the wine count of alcohol in Curly K's house and does not include the usual drinks press stuff like Gin, Vodka, whisky, or even the two bottles of Brittany Cider in the press!

Seriously, though, how does one best store wine in a standard 3 bed house with no garage, no basement etc.? Methinks the wine rack in the kitchen may not be the best place. Answers on a postcard please.

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Saturday, February 02, 2008


Thanks Mammy, I didn't even know you could turn on a computer, let alone find my blog and the Irish Blog Awards site and log on to vote me into the longlist for 2 feckin catagories - respect!

Well, well, well, smack my arse and call me a fatty but someone actually logged onto the awards site and voted this blog (money is in the post - you know I'll eliminate poverty, hunger, war, global warming and all the skinny beautiful people if I win!) onto two longlists in the Irish Blog Awards. Don't worry, haven't lost the run of myself thinking I'm a great blogger or anything but cheers to whoever did it :). Nice to know at least one person is reading! I'm all warm and fuzzy inside now but to be fair that could be the bottle of wine I've consumed tonight!

Would someone tell that prick to butt out?

You'd think that the supposedly esteemed Cardinal Desmond Connell would still be hanging his head in shame for the fact that he presided over the Archdiocese of Dublin for 16 of the 29 dark years now being examined by the Dublin Archdiocese Commission of Investigation, which was set-up to examine the sexual abuse scandals from 1975 - 2004. You'd think that he would have some sense that the Church (the real Church i.e. the people of Catholic faith) now want the truth and an end to the systemic cover-up that has been endemic in the Catholic Church for far, far too long. You think he'd have a sense that not only were those childrens' lives destroyed, but that the systemic cover-up was soul-destroying for those honest, decent, hard-working priests that have had to work in exceedingly difficult situations not only when the abuse was going on but during the last few turbulent years which the Catholic Church has experienced.

But no, true to form for a certain old-school, ultra right-wing, arrogant and condescending element of the Church hierachy, he has now thrown a curve-ball at the investigation after his previous declarations of full disclosure and co-operation. His successor, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, had waived privilege on a substantial number of documents. Diarmuid Martin is a man doing a difficult job at a difficult time and has always seemed to me to be a man of enormous integrity, and Desmond Connell should have the good grace to leave well enough alone and give his successor the respect he is due and allow him to do his job, his way, which happens to be a lot more transparent and respectful to the members of the Catholic Church than the "esteemed" Cardinal's!

Like I say, someone should tell that prick to butt out - hasn't he already done enough damage?

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Friday, February 01, 2008

Play building blocks and win a car???

Ok, so regular readers will already be familiar with the fact that Curly K needs to get a life but fuck me watching the Late Late show car giveaway just gets sadder everytime. So, what amazing feat did the poor bastards have to complete this time, aside from the ludicrous questions (how many Jelly babies in this massive jar etc!). Well tonight Matthew, they had to build a tower out of baby building bricks - fucking ridiculous! Really I need to get out more, Friday night tv is pure shite.

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Following the ongoing appalling treatment of some Irish women seeking diagnosis and treatment for Breast Cancer and indeed inspired by Avoiding Life's ongoing months of waiting to be seen and get a diagnosis as to what is causing her breast to bleed Sabrina Dent has launched a fantastic campaign called Two Tits and a Vote which is calling for better access to Breast Health Care for the women of this country. Please drop over to the site and sign the petition and add your voice to the protest against the second-rate service that women are receiving at the hands of the health service in this country.

Monday, January 21, 2008

I have a new best friend!

This evening when I got home I was going through my post - full of the usual bills etc. when I noticed one letter that wasn't a bill. It was my first letter from the little girl I sponsor in Burkino Faso, which is the poorest country in Africa. Although she didn't write herself, as sadly, she doesn't attend school, it was written by a local volunteer and translated into English for me. She is only 7 and her family are really poor subsistence farmers, this is the letter she sent me;

"Hello Curly K,

NK and family are writing this letter to send you some news from them. She is healthy as well as her family. NK and family thank you very much for what you are doing for their child NK who has become your best friend.

NK informs you that her parents are farmers and that they all live T, a small rural town 170km far from the capital Ouagadougou. They inform you that they live only from farming and breeding and also from fishing and gardening. They leave you on these lines and hope to hear from you soon."

It is one of the shortest letters I've ever received and written in far from perfect English but it is one of the best letters I've ever received! I'm so glad that little NK is healthy and doing well. I wish, for her sake, she was able to attend school but unfortunately there is only so much any aid agency can do to encourage children to attend school and apparently it is not unusual where NK lives for children not to attend school. I must write back to her very soon, I've been meaning to write since I began sponsoring her and have not yet got around to it.

Unfortunately, the charity I am sponsoring NK through do not allow you to send parcels but I do want to include a lot of bright and interesting pages in my letter, such as a coloured map of the world and a few things like that. Got some nice little stickers as well that I can include. Any ideas of anything else that can fit in a letter envelope are welcome!

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