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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sleep with the Angels Little One

Oh how we prayed that day
Please dear God take this away
Let this insanity not be true
We'll do anything, anything in lieu
Let him prove them wrong and our hearts be filled with joyous song

Sadly, it was not to be
For you had a different destiny
Your parents torment was hell to see
A gaping hole left in our family
Tears fall as I write this note, we never held you, our little dote

All your fingers, all your toes
Your tiny hands and button nose
So perfect in your gentle sleep
You were never ours to keep
Yours was much too short a stay, you were going a different way

But on this your very special day
We know you are not far away
You are in a peaceful place
Far away from your little white case
Sleep gentle oh dearest one, you will always be our missing ray of sun


Anonymous said...

Nice to know that those not with us, stay forever in our hearts :))

Thank you,

Curly K said...

Yummymummy, it is good to know, they will never be forgotten :)

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