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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Let's have some dignity and keep Dustin an in-joke!

Ok, so most people think the Eurovision has in recent years become both a joke and a political nonsense, that's a given. Whilst I can see the funny side of Dustin the Turkey ending up as a possible runner to be the Irish contender at the next Eurovision I think that that is where it should end - an Irish piss-take, within Ireland. Internationally, what is to be gained by us making a complete mockery of the Eurovision. I'm no fan of the Eurovision but the way I see it is, if it was good enough for us to bust ourselves to win for years, it is good enough to treat with a bit of respect. Let's not make ourselves arrogant, cocky and above-it-all. It's not that long since we were far from above trying to win the contest and hopefully sense will prevail and we won't make complete cocks (excuse the pun) of ourselves on the international stage.

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Quickroute said...

Talented as our Dustin is, I'd have to agree with you. The Eurovision has become enough of a joke without turning it an episode of 'The Muppets'

Curly K said...

Hi Quickroute, welcome. You're right if we do send Dustin it will be like turning it into the Muppets. (Which I loved by the way but not as our entry in the Eurovision!)

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