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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Room Escape Games

Are bloody addictive!!! I wonder if there is an AA alternative for those hooked on them, need to find out very soon. I have spent far too long recently trying to escape from virtual roomson one of my favourite sites. All that clicking is not good for arthritic fingers but what the hell! It's no wonder I haven't been posting enough recently or updating my links or catching up with all my favourite blogs.

But did manage to get a fluffy link (hooray - Damien, does this mean I get a fluffy badge??? And no, I wasn't pissed off with you - merely rendered nostalgic!) Plus I managed to weed my lovely garden this evening. Is the fact that the evenings are getting longer fantastic? Hopefully I'll soon be able to use my recently transformed garden (hip, hip, hooray!)

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Quickroute said...

I used to try and escape from all sorts of exotic places like a space ship on a game called Doom - good fun and lots of guns !

Simon said...

I can understand your addiction I love em too which is why I've devoted a category just on my site for em.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

st stopped in to say hi