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Friday, February 15, 2008

Hosting your blog?

Ok, so what happens if you are currently have a blogger/blogspot blog, have checked out wordpress.com blogs but don't like the fact that the templates are very limited compared to blogger. I mean I'm far from a techie but I have worked out how to edit the (CSS???) template and add in a few bits all by my ownsome. I think Conor did comment (a very long time ago) about Blacknight Hosting being very good and I have popped by and their blog hosting is very reasonable but I don't know about domain names etc., exactly what the whole hosting thing entails. I don't understand all the stuff about plugins or many of the "thingys" such as Jaiku, Twitter...... etc. that all the more techy crowd use.

Am I right in thinking that Wordpress templates, separate from the templates on wordpress.com blogs are out there to be used and tweaked if one has a hosted blog?

Help, in plain easy english please!

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Anonymous said...

Me know nothing...excet that wordpress is REALLY unwieldy and a pain to use :((

Wish I could figure out how to upload photos etc. there...I mean it isn't rocket science and I can manage shopping(obviously!!) and flickr etc. very well thank you...me no understand:((


Curly K said...

Yummymummy, something ya not telling me? Do you have a blog??

Conor O'Neill said...

Hey Missus,

Wordpress.com is quite limited in the designs you can use. If you pay em some money, you can get access to the CSS to change the colours, fonts etc of an existing design.

The alternative is the wordpress.org software (which wordpress.com is built on, indirectly via Donncha in Blarney).

So the idea here is that you go to somewhere like GoDaddy.com or Blacknight.ie and purchase a domain and blog hosting package from them. This means you end up with something like www.whatever_i_want_to_call_my_site.com and it'll be running the wordpress.org software. With this software you have 100% control of everything. There are thousands of themes out there that you just unzip into a directory on your webhost and enable in your wordpress control panel (just google "wordpress themes"). You can also get tons of widgets and plugins which are easy to install too.

Shout me if you need a hand.

Sinéad said...

Ditto what Conor said :)

My site is hosted on hosting365 and I uploaded the wordpress software (into the folder where my website/blog is) so I can login to my blog from a browser (in the same way that you do now with blogger).

When I login in to my blog I can edit the CSS to change font sizes and add widgets etc,. It takes awhile to figure it out (the CSS) but once you do it's easy enough to tinker around with occasionally. There are tons and tons of tutorials, guides and help on the wordpress.org website too.

Curly K said...

Conor, thanks, will shout if I need a hand when I eventually get round to sorting things out.

Sinead, thanks for the advice, think it is the way I wil be going too - when I get around to it.

Conor O'Neill said...

Oh just to mention that a lot of webhosts like Blacknight (and h365 I think) have one click install of Wordpress so you don't need to mess around with installation procedures.

Curly K said...

Cheers Conor!

Sabrina said...

If you want to have control of your own blog, you want self-hosting. WordPress AT wordpress.com is a pain to use, because you are restricted in what you can do with your template, etc.

However, WordPress itself is actually a breeze, a joy and a doddle as a self-hosted blogging application.

So what you would do is:

1) Sign up with a host like BlackKnight
2) Register a domain name
3) Push a button to install WordPress on your new site
4) Select a template (there are HUNDREDS of free WordPress templates)
5) Import your Blogger posts to WordPress

This is all pretty painless and surprisingly low-tech. If you want me to walk you through it, drop me a mail and I'll be happy to help.

But whatever you do: DO NOT move from one free hosted thing (blogger) to another (wordpress.com) because you're just as trapped but in a different cage.

-- Sabrina (sabrina AT sabrinadent DOT com but you know where to find me!)

Curly K said...

Sabrina, cheers for the advice, you make it sound surprisingly easy. I suppose the real thing I want is more control over the site rather than less which is definitely what wordpress.com offers!

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