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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Bon Chance!

The short-lists for the Irish Blog Awards have been announced and I, whilst trying to get over the real and heart-felt shock at being shortlisted for the Best Personal Blog Category, would like to wish the other 13 nominees the best of luck (here-in That Friday Feeling's journey ends re the blog awards - shortlisting was a true bolt from the blue and will go no further - even a blind man can see that) I am honoured to have this blog listed alongside the following greats from the Irish blogosphere - please drop by their blogs and sample their wares:

Best Personal Blog
Sponsored by Microsoft Ireland’s Developer and Platform Group

Sincere thank you to;
  • Damien Mulley for his tireless work on the awards,
  • The judges for the gruelling task of reading through numerous blogs
  • The various sponsors for putting their money where their mouths are (in this category Microsoft Ireland’s Developer and Platform Group)

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steph said...

I know the feeling! It's kinda weird isn't it to suddenly find yourself thrust into the spotlight? All great fun though.

Thanks for the link, Curly K and the best of luck in the next round.

Doris said...

What a great "Blog Nomination Speech" :-D

Congrats .... you have a great blog. Kept me here for some years, and you can call me an international audience ;-)

Curly K said...

Steph - it is weird and good fun and best of Irish in the next round :)

Doris - thank you for being the international audience - that's you and Catgirl!