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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Never mind WWMD, look what he did!

Ah Mulley, what have you gone and done?? Now I can't get this out of my head! It was a hit in 1987 here and in the US in 1988 - oh, the memories;
  • I was 15 and thought I'd never get old enough to do the things I wanted to do
  • Inter-cert was looming
  • Not allowed to discos
  • Still sharing a bedroom with my sister (it had red wallpaper with white love hearts on !)
  • Hadn't yet kissed a boy (or didn't for at least another 3 years!!!)
  • Thought I was fat - I wasn't
  • Tried to make sure I got to walk around town after school as often as I could to look at the lads from the local boys secondary school
  • Was also listening to Debbie Gibson, Tiffany, George Michael, Robert Palmer , INXS and bloody Billy Ocean cos their songs like the rest on this list were omni-present
  • Had stopped trying to knit leg-warmers but was still sewing a god-damned apron for Home Economics!
  • Was beginning to experiment with make-up and had a Miners eyeshadows
  • Naively thought I'd be married by 25 and just automatically have children
  • A Pan-Am Boeing 747 explodedover Lockerbie, Scotland from a terrorist bomb
  • The other George Bush was elected in the US
  • Kids cool enough to have computers (we weren't) were playing Super Mario 3
  • Big Brother's SamAnda twin combo were born!
20 years on things have changed somewhat, sadly not all for the better;
  • I'm now afraid of getting too old to do the things I want
  • Whilst the Inter-Cert is long gone, not so the Leaving Cert - it took me a while to figure out this link but I now know when I'm stressed - I dream or have nightmares about sitting the Leaving Cert!!
  • Now I'm dying to share my bedroom with someone again - haven't done so since I left home and started college!
  • Again I'm still waiting to kiss boys! Well actually looking for one that I can kiss again and again and again!!!!!
  • I am fat
  • Now when I want to look at men I drive around town!
  • Those songs evoke all sorts of memories
  • My mother still has that god-damned apron somewhere - but I did get As in both Inter and Leaving Cert Home Economics!!!
  • Like then I still only wear make-up when I'm going out but now have more expensive brands
  • Terrorism is still rife around the world
  • There is still a fucking George Bush in power
  • SamAnda are substantially more irritating than they were (I hope they weren't that fucking annoying when they were babies - surely someone would have drowned them!)

I still like Rick Astley though, the guy has a great voice and I only learned what a Rick Roll was tonight so you live and learn!

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Yummymummy said...

Ah indeed...the memories!!!

Btw...I loved that wallpaper...woulda made a lovely skirt...LOL ;p

Manuel Estimulo said...

Rick is still very popular in Spain, as you would espect. I think he is playing Sonar this year.

Doris said...

I still don't get the Rick Roll bit! (Oh dear I just read the site .... I seem to have a humour bypass. But am I wrong for thinking it's a great song?!) It is playing in the background for the second time! I can't watch the video as I don't recall ever stopping still long enough to see videos back then .... I am a bit older than you don't forget!

Now.... I'd say there was a an over mention of men - or the lack of them - in your post! Tch! If I was there I'd be whisking you out on a man hunt every weekend.

But you know me, Mrs PukeBucket personified with Mr Right. Talking of which .... he was supposed to be on the Lockerbie Flight but changed tickets a day or two before in order to save a few quid. He has the local newspaper article and the original ticket in a frame. It's packed away (as we still haven't moved house). Thank goodness as seeing it just gives me the chills to think he could have been killed and we might not have been.

One more thing - we've just been to the cinema and saw Son of Rambow and although it is about boys (it isn't boys only) and friendship. It is set in 1982 and is a delightful and funny film. I cried buckets but that's only 'cos I'm so emotional. Go and see it - you might meet your husband-to-be at the cinema! ;-)

inmate1972 said...

Don't worry, we dumb-arse Americans are working towards rectifying our mistake with "Dubya".

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