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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Would someone tell that prick to butt out?

You'd think that the supposedly esteemed Cardinal Desmond Connell would still be hanging his head in shame for the fact that he presided over the Archdiocese of Dublin for 16 of the 29 dark years now being examined by the Dublin Archdiocese Commission of Investigation, which was set-up to examine the sexual abuse scandals from 1975 - 2004. You'd think that he would have some sense that the Church (the real Church i.e. the people of Catholic faith) now want the truth and an end to the systemic cover-up that has been endemic in the Catholic Church for far, far too long. You think he'd have a sense that not only were those childrens' lives destroyed, but that the systemic cover-up was soul-destroying for those honest, decent, hard-working priests that have had to work in exceedingly difficult situations not only when the abuse was going on but during the last few turbulent years which the Catholic Church has experienced.

But no, true to form for a certain old-school, ultra right-wing, arrogant and condescending element of the Church hierachy, he has now thrown a curve-ball at the investigation after his previous declarations of full disclosure and co-operation. His successor, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, had waived privilege on a substantial number of documents. Diarmuid Martin is a man doing a difficult job at a difficult time and has always seemed to me to be a man of enormous integrity, and Desmond Connell should have the good grace to leave well enough alone and give his successor the respect he is due and allow him to do his job, his way, which happens to be a lot more transparent and respectful to the members of the Catholic Church than the "esteemed" Cardinal's!

Like I say, someone should tell that prick to butt out - hasn't he already done enough damage?

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