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Saturday, February 09, 2008


Via Damien and Sandra Ryan at the Irish Medical Times, it would seem that our esteemed Taoiseach, leader of this democratic country, doesn't even know that County Cavan is in the Republic of Ireland and not Northern Ireland - it truly beggars belief but proves the blatant disgrard that Bertie Ahern has for some of his tax paying citizens in this country. What a fucking imbecile!

And I thought George Bush was bad!

Transcript from the Oireachtas Debate on the 5th February, 2008:

The Taoiseach: As for broadband, while I do not know who incorrectly informed Deputy Kenny, technology companies such as Google, Apple and Dell all continue to expand and invest-----

Deputy Enda Kenny: I will provide the Taoiseach with the figure. Ireland is placed 33rd of 35 countries.

The Taoiseach: -----and are moving to higher rate of advancement in Ireland with huge investment. Moreover, none is even thinking of pulling away from us because of broadband. They continue to develop their capacity within Ireland, of which we should be proud, as well as of our young qualified engineers who go through our excellent education system. In addition, they all use this country as their research and development base.

Deputy Seymour Crawford: Not in County Cavan.

The Taoiseach: I am talking about the Republic of Ireland.

Deputy James Bannon: It is patchy throughout Ireland.

Deputy Dermot Ahern: Fine Gael is patchy throughout Ireland

The Taoiseach: While the House can discuss County Cavan another day, I am discussing the Republic of Ireland and Members should keep to that.

A Member: County Cavan is not in the North.

The Taoiseach: These companies are increasing their investments and operate their European plants using the high quality people who work here. This is happening everywhere. Deputy Kenny may take a certain satisfaction from the international economic downturn.

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ManicMammy said...

I really couldnt believe that interchange. What sort of a complete gobshite do we have in charge of the country. Stunned, aghast and very scared.

Anonymous said...

Holy cow.....the eejit to whom we pay our taxes does not even realise that Cavan is is the Republic....mmmph.
Honest to God,you couldn't make it up!!!

Curly K said...

Manicmammy and Anonymous - truly it would be funny, if it weren't so serious - glad ye have both hit the nail on the head; stunned, aghast; it's scary and you couldn't make it up! Apart from everything else it shatters the illusion, that I, at least, was living under, in that, I, at least felt the leader of our country, would, at the very least, know of all the constituencies that he is responsible for, and was by that very fact, at least ahead of George Bush. Sadly, this is not the case, at least I can say that I was a person who voted on issues and not on party and therefore, catagorically did not vote for that GOBSHITE, who doesn't even know the very small country he is legally responsible for! I repeat - NUMB NUT! His bumbling, stuttering responses are truly shown for what they are, despite his obvious normal media savvy (and indeed his very astute communication skills, which are never to be under-estimated.)!

Quickroute said...

Bertie Ahern is from Uranus so why in the world would you expect him to be up to speed with Irish geography?

p.s. congrats on being shortlisted

Curly K said...

Quickroute, call me old fashioned but just think our Taoiseach should know all of his domain! Cheers for your congrats!