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Monday, March 17, 2008

Yes, I am truly a miserable old bitch!

Dear Friend,

I am, so truly happy, honestly, that you have met your soulmate. I am particularly happy that you met through me and am really, really happy that he is a truly lovely bloke. You deserve that, at the very least.

But, that said, please, please. please do not ask me out on any more of your nights out, I really don't think I can take it. I have actually started to like and respect your boyfriend a lot more than I do you - why, you ask??? Because, to be fair, your boyfriend is an absolutle gentleman and very kind and considerate. Why have I started to like him more than you?? A couple of reasons:
  • he loves you and completely knows (and really respects) what good friends we have been
  • he is an absolute gentleman and knows how important good friends are to anyone and knows we are friends and therefore minds me like an egg because you say I am important to you
I do realise that your life is really, really busy right now, what with work, family and having met the major love of your life. What I get really pissed off with, is the fact that you keep trying to pretend I am up there on your list - let's get real, I am not - invariably something has to give, I am, usually, that something - grand, that's actually fine with me. You are in love, working silly hours and trying to keep up with your new love and family at the same time. All grand, except, don't piss me off by constantly ringing at the very last minute to do something and pretending that I am on your list of priorities, stop trying to make me salve your guilt and make me pay lip service to the fact that your once in a blue moon phone-call puts me on your to-do-list; it doesn't - end of!!

I like you, I like your boyfriend, I DO NOT LIKE constantly being the last minute consideration, it just pisses me off - end of!


Anonymous said...

hey - been there done that. Friendships can be rough. I wanted to know if you'd had any joy with Paul McKenna's I can make you thin.

Good luck with your friend.

Curly K said...

Hi Anonymous, I actually don't mind the rough bit of friendships, it's the constant conscious-salving that is going on at the minute that is driving me nuts - if you're busy and won't see me for two months just say so - stop making dates or last minute phone-calls!

Re the Paul McKenna cd, haven't listened in a good while so therefore still not being accused of being too thin but am definitely going to start listening again as it certainly wasn't doing any harm and think it is useful.

Anonymous said...

Miserable? We all get down sometimes

Old? Hardly darling

Bitch? Well no-one's perfect ;-)

Annoying situation. Hope the rest of life is somewhat better

Curly K said...

Redwinegums - Thank you darling :)!

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