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Monday, December 19, 2005

Christmas Party Season - hooray!

Despite the ramblings of my last post and the way I despise Christmas shopping etc. as you may have gathered from the previous references to G&Ts and cigarettes - I enjoy a good party and last week I managed to attend two in row with plenty more to follow this week. My body now feels as if it is half way to being pickled and I feel pretty certain that by Christmas night my liver will be fully convinced it is pickled but this will lessen the surgeon's task should my donor card ever be called into use - between the booze and the fags he won't have to go near my liver or my lungs!!! However being the trooper that I am, I will force myself to attend as many functions as I am invited to (it'll be that bloody quiet for the rest of the year, I might as well)!
Am now becoming very aware that last two parties were the precursors for this weeks affairs as the winding down week is always a little more dangerous! Must really decide to be relatively good at forthcoming works drinks - do not want to slobber all over anyone from work! (Would possibly relax this rule if there was anyone worth slobbering over but have yet to locate eligible male matching said description)

My first post!!

Well, here goes, my first post to my blog. Didn't really ever see myself doing something like this as I'm not a 'techy' person but sure, if not, why not?

What a week to begin blogging - everything going mental because of the run up to Christmas. I haven't even started my shopping and really I would rather chew my arm off than go through the forthcoming torture of trudging around the shops (somewhat unusual for a single woman probably!) I now have the whole thing down to a fine art;
  • as comprehensive a list as possible
  • then go shopping either very early or very late in the day when most normal people are busy collecting kids / cooking dinners / whatever "normal" people do!
  • any shops such as Dunnes Stores, Tesco etc. that are open late can be left till last if any of the other shops must be visited during peak looney hours one must brace oneself (for me, usually undisclosed number of cigarettes and several strong coffees, as alas to have three stiff gin and tonics would curtail you from driving home with the tat you have just purchased!!)
  • promise myself the three stiff gin and tonics with cigarettes when I return home (one of the few places wholly and completely not yet touched by the bleedin smoking ban!)

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