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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Spread the love - random acts of kindness!

Have been really busy at work this last few days and what with that and trying to sort out feedburner and internet problems haven't had a chance to post. I still have to put something up about the blog awards and will definitely do so when I get a chance.

Just a quick post to say how three different strangers have shown me random acts of kindness since Saturday evening - there is still a lot of love out there folks!

Firstly, Curly K was ensconced in a wonderful 4 star hotel for the weekend in Dublin to attend the Irish Blog Awards. So, with about three quarters of an hour to go myself and the gorgeous sister (who of course upstaged me in her LBD!) headed down to our hotel foyer to grab a taxi over to the Alexander Hotel. Reception informed us that taxis were taking at least half an hour to pick up at that time. So, a conversation about heading out to hail a taxi ensues at the front desk. In the middle of all this, a couple who were also at the reception desk asked us if we were heading into town and offered us a lift. Ralph, from Galway and his lovely wife then proceed to drop Curly K and the Upstage Sis to the Davenport Hotel just round the corner from the Alexander, well out of their way from what I can gather.

Then yesterday I was stopped at the Statoil Service Station in Tulsk, grabbing a sandwich on my journey. Now whilst the shop has most things you need, it is not a really big station with deli and coffee machine etc. It was about half one and I was grabbing the first bite to eat that I'd had all day so I grabbed one of their pre-packed sarnies and a bottle of pop. The gentleman in the station was lovely and was commenting on how it was time to eat and I happened to mention that it was my first bite of the day and not even a coffee had passed my lips by that stage in the day. I was in the process of inputting pin for credit card at that point when he offered to make me a coffee to go - when there was no sign in the shop of a coffee machine. He went into a back room and came out with a cup of coffee in a paper cup and wouldn't add it onto the bill.

All three of these people; Ralph and his wife and the service station gentleman put themselves out without a second thought and with no prompting. It was just heart-warming and lovely.

Both gestures made my day, it reminds me a kinder Ireland that I grew up in, where whilst things were far from perfect, people listened more and offered themselves to help others a little more freely. There was certainly less materially and I'm not talking about no shoes or any of that hardship shite but there was a recession in the middle of my childhood and even without the recession the worship of all things material did not exist to the anywhere near the extent it does today.

So, over the last few days it's nice to have been reminded that life is good and that people when they are good and kind and thoughtful to each other are the best.

Mr. & Mrs Ralph and Service Station Gentleman to you I say a big thank you. I shall pass your acts of kindness on.

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Anonymous said...

Indeed...yummymummy has several people to thank for random acts of kindness also!!!
Also Curlyk,word on the street has it that you looked just fantabulous on the nite and that the sis looked just about average with the LBD!!!!!
p.s. keep on postin!!

Anonymous said...

Little things make all the difference IMO. Can be the difference between a person losing it and just having a bad day

Quickroute said...

I'm very glad to hear three things

a) humanity is alive and well in Ireland!
b) your feedburner feed seems to be working again!
c) sounds like you had a blast at the blog awards!

Nice One!

Curly K said...

Yummymummy - my sis could never look average even if she tried, she's gifted with the ability to throw something on and look fabulous!

Redwinegums - little things do make a difference and can turn anyone's day into a good one.

Quickroute - humanity is alive and well back here, even without ex-pats such as yourself, Devin and MacDara! I'm not 100% sure that all feedburner problems have been resolved - can't seem to see back posts still :( but yes the Blog Awards was a good night :)

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