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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Out of the mouths of babes!

Some of the quotes thrown at me this weekend:

  • "are you feeling any better, will a hug make you feel better?" (woke up on Good Friday with Tonsilitis from hell!)
  • "the very best part about my party is having my Auntie Curly K come with us - it just wouldn't be any good or a proper birthday party without Auntie Curly K" (5 year old nieces are generally the most adorable people in the world)
  • "don't look at me, don't talk to me, I don't like you anymore" (3 year old nieces can be fickle sometimes and barren spinster aunts can just ruin your day by saying hello!)
  • "I'm not coming to your house tomorrow, I don't want to, I don't want to make buns and I want to go home" (5 year old nieces are not always the most adorable people in the world)
  • "I'm sorry about last night, I was really tired and I didn't mean it but I can't wait to come to your house to make buns" (5 year old nieces are generally the most adorable people in the world)
  • "your kitchen is very messy" (actually it was relatively tidy by Curly K standards. It was at that point it was decided that my nieces were not getting into my bedroom!!! Also according to this quiz I'm Lynette in Desparate Houswives, whilst their mother is Bree - I don't actually watch the show so I don't know what being Lynette entails but know even I know Bree is a slight clean freak!! )
  • "there are no toys in your house, there is nothing fun there, the only fun thing was the box that spins around" (a Rubics cube was apparently the only saving grace in the boring house from hell and both 5 year and 3 year old nieces agree on such important matters!)
  • "I had my ears turned off" (3 year old nieces are generally the most adorable people in the world especially when they have an answer for everything and a cheeky smile to go with it!)
  • "mine" (1 year old nephews tend to want absolutely everything they see but do so with such a gorgeous smile)


blankpaige said...

Brilliant stuff. Keep it up!

Curly K said...

Thanks Paige :)

Doris said...

LOL Such a wonderful post :-)

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