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Monday, March 10, 2008

Four things......

I was tagged by K8 the GR8 a few days ago and never got around to doing the meme so here it is;
Four jobs I’ve held:
  • Waitress
  • Managing all document storage and retrieval in a large
  • Law firm Fundraising Administrator with a large national charity
  • Recruitment Consultant
Four movies I’ve watched over and over again:
  • The Great Escape
  • Up Close and Personal
  • Dirty Dancing (let's face it everyone of a certain age did because they had no choice - the fecking thing was omnipresent!)
  • Notting Hill
Four places I’ve been:
  • Ice Church in Helsinki
  • Raffles Hotel in Singapore
  • Harrods in London
  • Eiffel Tower in Paris
Four places I’ve lived:
  • Belfast
  • Drumcondra
  • Glasnevin
  • 3 different houses on the same road!
Four tv shows I watch:
  • Top Gear
  • Grand Designs
  • Location, Location, Location
  • Good documentaries
Four radio shows I listen to:
  • Ray D'Arcy - Today FM
  • Gerry Ryan - 2FM
  • Rick O'Shea - 2 FM
  • Matt Cooper's Last Word - Today FM
Four things I look forward to:
Meeting my soul mate
Having children
A clean house
Sitting out my in my new back garden this summer
Four favourite foods:
  • Tagliatelle Carbonara
  • Bacon
  • Fresh Irish Strawberries
  • Steak and chips
Four places I’d rather be:-
  • Sitting on a Caribbean beach
  • Living in my dream house - a modest but really well designed bungalow overlooking a lake but near a town and not in the middle of the countryside and that is as eco-friendly as possible
  • Chilling at a luxury spa
  • Having a complete de-tox in a health farm

Four people I email regularly:

  • Don't really email apart from for work
The rules say that I have to pass this meme on to four people, then comment on their blogs to let them know. I'm leaving it up to anyone who wants to complete it to do so themselves


Manuel said...

waiting tables was the highlight eh......

Curly K said...

You got it Manuel, I was truly gifted at it LOL - so sorry I didn't bump into you at the awards :(

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