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Saturday, February 02, 2008


Thanks Mammy, I didn't even know you could turn on a computer, let alone find my blog and the Irish Blog Awards site and log on to vote me into the longlist for 2 feckin catagories - respect!

Well, well, well, smack my arse and call me a fatty but someone actually logged onto the awards site and voted this blog (money is in the post - you know I'll eliminate poverty, hunger, war, global warming and all the skinny beautiful people if I win!) onto two longlists in the Irish Blog Awards. Don't worry, haven't lost the run of myself thinking I'm a great blogger or anything but cheers to whoever did it :). Nice to know at least one person is reading! I'm all warm and fuzzy inside now but to be fair that could be the bottle of wine I've consumed tonight!


blankpaige said...

mmm, that's the problem with wine. It makes you feel warm and fuzzy when you should be cold and calculating. Start the Blog Award campaign now and save us from a Twenty Major hat-trick!


Cat said...

Congratulations, missus! I long for an award. Bah.

Curly K said...

Paige, doesn't wine just do that sometimes - all warm and fuzzy mmmm. (Oh, dear, just got an additional 16 bottles of Rose along with a 5ltr box of Rose to add to my already considerable stash of vino - more warm and fuzzy posts coming methinks)

Cat, you will get an award and long before I will - you got nominations for awards eons before me Mrs!