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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Baby steps!

Since about September last year I have been trying to get my life in order, quite a task for a very overweight, unhealthy, chronically disorganised, lazy beast like myself.

I joined Curves in October and apart from an extended 7 week break over Christmas and New Year I have been going fairly regularly, not as often as I would like some weeks but at least twice a week most weeks. (The extended xmas break was due to the usual xmas break and both myself and my exercise partner being plagued with the bugs that have been doing the rounds for the last while).

Also, I am trying to eat more healthily, I am no longer interested in trying to find a diet that is easy to stick to, rather I am trying to incrementally build better eating habits into my life incrementally and slowly and make lasting changes. So efforts have been made to gradually cut down the crap consumed, introduce more of the 5 a day portions of fruit and veg and to try to remember to take the multivitamins in the morning. Breakfast is a habit I am going to try and get into as I am all too aware of just how bad it is to go without breakfast each day. It is a bad habit I am finding terribly difficult to break.

I am finally trying to get better at housework, ok, being honest, the place still looks like a candidate for Kim & Aggie but I have been doing something, no matter how small every evening this week - big change for this couch potato.

Finally I have come to the conclusion that it took a long time for my weight to creep up, my house to get untidy etc and it will take time to get them back into order. Doing anything is better than doing nothing. I am trying to leave the all or nothing mentality behind. Beginning to think positively is something that takes practice when diets have failed, when eating crap is easier than the hassle of making a healthy meal for one, when energy is lacking due to an inflammatory arthritis, fibromyalgia and IBS all kicking one into touch sometimes, and of course when thinking about the changes as a whole is overwhelming.

Playing my favourite music (quite loudly) in my car puts me in good humour. Being well-padded and obese does not mean I am well nourished - quite the opposite and the simple addition of a liquid multivitamin daily is amazing! Also, it's nice to be nice, not to spend one's entire headspace time beating oneself up. Not an easy thing to do but essential I think.

Baby steps, baby steps!!!


Julie Midas said...

Wow, it definitely sounds like you're making moves in all the right directions. The all or nothing mentality has been one of my failings over the years. Achieving a happy medium is definitely the way forward. Loud music usually sorts my mood out too.

Anonymous said...

Slowly,slowly catchy monkey Curly....good luck at the awards :)))

Curly K said...

Julie, I'm a bit like the advert for Irish Rail, except I'm "a bit done, a lot to do" instead of "a lot done, a lot to do"!!!

Anonymous - yup, but there don't seem to be any monkeys wanting to be caught with regard to relationships LOL but thank you for your good luck wishes!

Doris said...

Good for you. The other day I read somewhere something to the effect ..... "Give yourself brownie points for what you have done rather than kick yourself for what you haven't done." An extension of the glass half full idea.

Cat said...

Good for you, missus! I'm losing weight all over the place at the moment, which is a bit worrying, but there's something very satisfying about seeing the numbers decreasing on the scales when I weigh in on the weekends!

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