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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

If it wasn't for the tax breaks I wouldn't exist!!!

From what I can gather, myself and a number of my friends are purely the result of tax evasion on a mass scale. In the 70s there was apparently a bigger tax break if you got married before the end of one tax year, which used to begin in April. Therefore, right about now 36 years ago my parents had just arrived in Ballinasloe to begin the first night of their honeymoon, having left their wedding reception about half ten at night to leg it off to the hotel from their reception in the midlands. Hey presto, just under nine months later, myself and my sister arrived to make their first Christmas! We were honeymoon babies and like many others the result of the annual rush to the altar just before the end of the tax year!

36 years - if they'd murdered someone they'd be out years ago on parole for good behaviour! As it is they are still happily married and wandering along life's path together, not always in a state of wedded bliss (they are a normal couple with all the ups and downs of a normal couple!) but with a committment to their relationship and sticking together through the bad times and the good that I can only admire and hope to emulate some day. Happy wedding anniversary guys and cheers to the taxman of the day!


Anonymous said...

Terrific story, are you part of a set of twins?

-Coastal Aussie

ManicMammy said...

Congrats and happy anniversary to yer parents. Wow 36 years. I'm impressed.

Quickroute said...

a twin eh! who popped out first, you or your sis?

Curly K said...

Anonymous & Quickroute - well spotted you two and as for who popped out first - neither of us popped out - we were taken out and I was second :)

Manicmammy - I actually have no doubt that you and that inimitable hubby of yours shall too reach 36 years!

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