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Friday, February 22, 2008

Well that's that sorted!

It was all sorted, I had picked out the perfect dress for the Irish Blog Awards, a beautiful pink affair like (Exhibit A below) but then I ventured over to the Awards site and was absolutely horrified to find that Sweary has decided to do the lovely "princess-cut affair in chiffon and such, and be the belle of the ball........... But underneath the chiffon creation I shall probably have on some sort of short dress type thing, which shall impress all and sundry." All this because she is sitting at Twenty's table. (or so she claims anyway!)

Exhibit A

So all of a sudden it hit me that a short dress was de rigueur, panic set in but to be fair after downing a bottle of gin and smoking a pack of fags sanity returned. I remembered clearly a chic little number I had seen recently and with a deep sigh of relief I once again knew all was good in the world. The talented K8 (I think she might be a secret top fashion stylist!) had found the perfect little outfit for me to wear, exhibit B below. Not only that but she has let slip that she won't be wearing the exact same to the Awards, as she was reconsidering the blouse - phew, once again. None of that awkward fashion faux pas stuff will be going on in Alexander. There won't be a horrific clash of the "K"s at the ceremony, more a dignified mutual nodding of heads as we swish by each other in our equally stylish but not too similiar outfits.

Exhibit B

Needless to say I have already expressed my gratitude to K8 the GR8;

"K8 - so glad you said you’re not wearing the blouse to the Blog Awards - at least that way we won’t be identical. Thank you so much for highlighting the ideal outfit for me to wear to the Awards, so thoughtful of you to get one with waders to hide my “cankles” whilst highlighting some of my best features like my substantial thighs, arse and stomach. I think you might be gifted as a fashion stylist - I shall certainly be recommending you!"

I do hope you won't all be jealous of just how stylish this gal is going be on March 1 and I just know I shall be beating the men away!

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Anonymous said...

Well hey if you've got it, flaunt it they say!
I hope it's not too cold on the night. The clash of the Ks could turn into a major clash of the kidneys...

Thanks for linkin' and visiting me humble blawg :)

Quickroute said...

Exhibit B - foreground is a smashing outfit - no argument!

However Exhibit B - background (the white dress with straps and crotch scrathing pocket - no that's a bit o'class! Looks like a Donna Karan creation to me!

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm.....am so *ahem* green with envy curlyk...hardly seems worth the effort turning up ,if you're gonna hog all the light on the night......offto re-think me lil black no.
*skips upstairs to raid wardrobe*


The Hangar Queen said...

I haven't a notion either..actually that's a lie.I've a suitcase full of them but all that does is delay the decision until I'm in Dublin.

And to really set the cat among the pigeons I'm thinking about one outfit for the tea party and another for the awards.

Curly K said...

K8 the GR8 - the clash of the Ks could indeed be of the kidneys in those get-ups! LOL Or even the livers if we drinks too much!!

Quickroute - how observant of you, that little white number is indeed another chic and stylish option for the Awards!

Yummymummy - I happen to know for a fact that you will not be stuck for something to wear on the night - skip on up to raid your not insubstantial wardrobe full of beautiful and genuinely chic clothes!

Hangar Queen - knew you would upstage us all - no real surprise there - only hope for the rest of us is that you get stuck in a cycle of indecision about which outfit to wear and don't actually get around to making it to the awards LOL! See you there :)

Doris said...

I think it takes a lot of balls to wear exhibit B. I take my hat off (if I was wearing one) to her.

However, I'd much prefer to fluff up in Exhibit A ;-)

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