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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Feedburner saga continues!

Feckin Feedburner saga continues and I am no further on. Went through Troubleshootize found that original blogger feed was invalid, pinged feedburner etc and hey presto original blogger feed was valid - even though I hadn't changed it. However, the feedburner feed was still coming up invalid - giving me an error message about image and link missing, which seemed to be coming from the photo in my blog header (which had been uploaded using blogger interface). I've tried removing the photo but the feedburner feed is still coming up as invalid!

The feed addresses are

Blogger feed; http://thatfridayfeeling.blogspot.com/atom.xml
Feedburner feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/ThatFridayFeeling

Any help on how I can fix my feedburner feed would be greatly appreciated as have been all round the help topics with no success?

Also, during the process of trying to re-ping and resync feedburner feed did kick into life again but only for the one post made after the problem had begun - all previous posts seem lost.

Plus if anyone has any ideas on how I can keep my photo in my blog header and still keep the feeds ok especially as it was loaded with blogger tools and was causing no problems with that feed?

If I delete the old feed and re-burn using same name would that work re photo and pull back older posts?

Seriously stuck here guys and all help gratefully received.

*Update - just realised I've also lost a number of my Loudervoice reviews that were posted to this blog - fuck this just gets better and better!* Bloody feeds!*

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Anonymous said...

This may not be of help... but, your blog is still working fine in Bloglines. Hope things improve for you, and I just wish I knew about computery and technical things.

Bye, from Coastal Aussie.

Curly K said...

Coastal Aussie, thanks for letting me know that - at least some of it is working :)and cheers for being one of my small but loyal group of readers !

Sabrina said...

I tried to post directions on what I think will fix this but Blogger won't let me post code. Arrrrgh.

Please leave Blogger. This relationship, it is so abuslive!

Emailing you if I can find your email, otherwise email me :)

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