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Sunday, December 30, 2007

I am sad

Epiphany moment: one of the things that makes me saddest about being single is not what I, expected it to be; it is that of the constant questioning - it's truly fucking horrible. I'm actually quite used to not having the loving couple / just had a baby /what I miss about being single conversations with my attached friends. What I hate recently is the self-questioning that is guaranteed when one is single at at a certain age;
  • Am I too fat - absolutely yes
  • Am I too old-fashioned - definitely; I cannot make the first move, it's just not in me, equally I will not chase a man - sorry but it just is not me, for all the brash exterior - I am quite old-fashioned behind it all but then a phrase that is burned into my brain is that of; "flee and they shall follow, follow and they shall flee" - not a prude by any means but will not chase a man -just can't!!
  • Am I too fussy - I honestly don't think so; yes, I ignore the assholes, equally I give the others a chance but I'm open to correction on this one - to be fair I ain't overrun with the opportunity to do either!
  • Am I too honest - sometimes I think so - I've never been a game-player and I'm not sure that it's a strong point in the dating game
  • Do I smoke too much - absolutely
  • Do I drink too much - perhaps but have always been able to mind myself and know what's going on but on the minus side can drink a lot of men under the table - not exactly conducive to the wanting to look after you syndrome in men!
  • Am I too independent - sometimes - mouthy, opinionated and well-able to look after myself but definitely more open to co-dependent living than may be expected
  • Am I waiting for the un-obtainable - I don't think so but again, I am open to correction - yes I do want someone to love me for who I am, to see beyond the (sometimes) brash exterior and to be fair, many of my best friends have that - nothing perfect, but they are in relationships where neither expects the other to be perfect, where staying in the relationship requires work but where at the end of the day they love/admire/respect each other enough to do so and see beyond the inevitable disagreements that couples have and have latched onto something deeper in that person and trust them deeply.
  • Am I a pain in the ass/opinionated - absolutely, if you like simple conversation and a 'yes' woman
  • Am I lazy - yes sometimes but I will do a hell of a lot for people I care about - to be fair more than I do for myself!
So many questions, too little time, as I could spurt out a list of questions (self-questioning!) as long as my arm but will spare both myself and my one or two readers that pain. Just like everyone else I think I'm fairly well able to judge myself but perhaps I should call for a second, third or even fourth opinion on that one!

Answers on a postcard please!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Review of The Best of Andrea Bocelli - Vivere, CD

The Best of Andrea Bocelli - Vivere, CD
"Fell in love with the song "Time to say Goodbye" a long time ago but have been pleasantly surprised at how 'accessible' this wonderful offering of classical music has been - now have more than a few favourites on this CD - Dare to live (Vivere) with..."
Fell in love with Bocelli's rendition of "Time to say Goodbye" and treated myself to his 'best of' cd thinking I'd replay my one favourite tune all the time - not so!  This CD is a wonderfully accessible compilation of some wonderful classical music - well worth adding to your CD collection!
Rated 5/5 on Dec 29 2007
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Friday, December 28, 2007

What a lovely Christmas!

Whilst I couldn't agree more with Damien, I too, am very glad that 2007 is almost over, it's not been a great year for me, I am, however, looking forward to 2008. 2007 is a year I have found much more of a struggle than ever before; I had a break-up of the longest relationship I've had in a number of years, have had bigger arthritis flare-ups than ever before, have hit the not-so-magic age of 35 as a single woman and more importantly struggled more to cope mentally with a long-term chronic illness and hitting 35 and still being single than I ever expected myself to but thankfully I have scraped through as ever :) and like Damien am just more than happy to see the back end of this year.

On a much more positive not I have also had a lovely, peaceful Christmas and realise that to be able to say that is a blessing, as Christmas is such a hard time for many people. The usual family Christmas went unbelievably smoothly and was a day that we all really enjoyed, I was delighted to hear from someone I shared a house with years ago who I hadn't heard from in recent years and I was lucky enough to spend some really nice evenings with both friends and family as well as feeling really special getting some lovely thoughtful gifts - it all bodes well for 2008 - bring it on!

The only low note over the festive season is that I am truly worried about a very, very close and special friend. She is going through a really tough time and I don't know how to help her, I don't want to alienate her but as her friend I can see she is suffering from from depression and suggesting she gets some help has gone down like a lead balloon but she is not herself and I only hope and pray I can find the right words to help her seek the help she needs without alienating her.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Trócaire - Global Gifts

I don't usually act on emails asking for plugs but when you get one that is from a really good cause such as Trócaire how can you resist? Alan Whelan, their Web Editor must be truly searching the Irish Blogosphere to have happened upon That Friday Feeling, so hats off to him and his hard work! We've all heard about Global Gifts but do we actually take the time to send one? Well, if you haven't yet done so, there is still time. Trócaire cannot now guarantee postal delivery of Global Gifts before Christmas but you can still buy one and have it delivered electronically as an e-card. So, go on, give something with true meaning this Christmas.

Even if you have all your Christmas pressies bought why not do what I've just done and spend a few spare euros on a small extra gift - sure you'd spend it on a few pints! (You can buy global gifts for as little as €15, which will result in some chicks being delivered to some needy family)

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If you love design check these two out!

Have just discovered Design Undercover via the email I received from Trócaire and I'm loving it! Nathalie has an eye for truly beautiful pieces and points to where one can obtain same in her posts, including various Dublin stores. Now I know where to go for design inspiration when I'm next decorating. Nathalie says she has a passion for Interior Design but to be fair her passion for all design is apparent in every post. Well worth a visit if you have an eye for beautiful things.

Also, happened upon Robert Ryan's website via Design Undercover and indeed Trocaire. Robert has designed the lovely cards that Trocaire are using this year for their Global Gifts. Another site well worth a visit - the attached photo is off a commissioned work that Robert completed for Vogue - UK, need I say more?

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Monday, December 17, 2007

What you need to know about hotel room glasses!

This video is shocking for anyone who's stayed in a hotel and used the bathroom glasses or coffee cups in the rooms. Jesus, hadn't even thought of this - eeeugghhh!

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Betcha my liver hates Christmas!

My liver will be glad when Christmas is over and it will get a break. Currently at 2 xmas parties and one birthday party down in just over a week and still counting. Only another dinner party and two further nights out to go before Christmas. My liver (and indeed my wallet) will be glad when it's all over!

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Friday, December 14, 2007

Free Rice for the hungry by simply improving your vocabulary!

Free Rice is well worth a visit. If like me, you enjoy word-games and improving your vocabulary you can simply click on the right meaning for words and earn free rice for some of the world's impoverished and hungry at the same time. What a great idea, you can do something useful whilst playing on the internet.

For each word you get right 20 grains of rice are donated through the United Nations to fight world hunger. Go over and give it a try, you can see how good your vocabulary actually is and help others at the same time.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Revenue giveth and Revenue take away!

Have been in bed feeling truly rotten all day, one of those bugs doing the rounds has floored me. I have, in recent years gained the uncanny ability to catch every one of them going around - one of the joys of immuno-suppressant drugs!

But something happened today which has never happened to me before - Revenue are giving me money - sort of!! Having crawled out of the leaba and limped downstairs I noticed I had received two letters in the post today - both from Revenue.

1st letter read something like this:
Dear Curly K,
It has come to our attention that you are a crippled (arthritis), bloated & farty (IBS) PAYE taxpayer who we pretty much have by the goolies (if you had any) with regard to all your monies. This is of course due to the fact that firstly we get at your wages at source (we do love PAYE! and secondly because we have no reason to lesson the blow - well, you have not procreated, have chosen to have illnesses that are not tax-deductable etc.) However, we have now decided to throw you a bone, given your ahem, diabolical state of health and dependence on drugs. This letter is to tell you that our most efficient colleagues over in the HSE have informed us just how much money you spent on your (legal) drugs in 2006 alone. You do not need to do anything but because we here in Revenue are as efficient as our counterparts in the HSE we will shortly be forwarding you a cheque for €250 to do with what you will.
Yours generously,
The Irish Revenue Commissioners

2nd letter read something as follows:
Dear Curly K,
Your formerly new car (we believe you call her Betsy - how original!) is no longer new, as of next January, and we will once again be expecting you pay motor tax for said vehicle. However, despite your informed decision to go for a smaller engine size and as efficient emissions as you could afford, unfortunately you did this too early so will still have to pay the €251 per annum based on your 1198 cc engine rather than €150 based on your emissions. This, we feel, should teach you not to pre-empt Government Budget decisions - you pious wannabe green upstart.
Yours gleefully,
The Irish Revenue Commissioners.

So, as you can see, Revenue giveth and Revenue taketh away!

P.S. I should point out that anytime I have had to contact Revenue in the last few years I have found them to be very helpful and friendly to be fair.

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Best PC Security Suite that is Vista compatible?

So, the trial version of McAfee and indeed the downloaded trial version of Windows OneCare have run out on my relatively new laptop which operates on Windows Vista and I want to get the best possible Security Suite onto it but which is best and also compatible with Vista? Of course, McAfee and Norton are best-sellers but I certainly won't be buying Norton having previously found it quite finicky on compatability with various software so I'm guessing it's not a good mix with the also finicky Vista. McAfee hasn't thusfar caused me major problems with Vista but then I'm not a 100% sure it's completely compatible with Vista and therefore working to full capacity. I've heard some good things about Kaspersky but have also heard it can interfere with Messenger.

I also want to ensure that whatever I spend my hard-earned cash on is more than just a mere anti-virus, that it has firewall, anti-spyware etc. capability as well, i.e. that it is giving me as much bang for my buck as is possible.

Any suggestions from more technically adept bloggers would be very welcome.

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Monday, December 10, 2007

Mooncup and Keepers

As it was my birthday last week I asked my sister for a Mooncup as my present. My regular reader(s) will know that I ain't exactly known for rushing into quickly actioning many of the things I plan to get around to doing in my life. It is two years since I read a post from Doris about Mooncups and decided that I must get one and try it out.

I am with Doris in her sentiments not to put warnings for the squeamish on posts like this - Doris says "tosh" and I say bugger it, I am an adult woman and make no apologies for discussing periods and sanitary protection. I am well past being embarrassed by periods as I was ten when I first got mine so 24 years on it's all old hat to me.
What I cannot believe is that there is very little out there about either Mooncups or Keepers. Mooncups are made from surgical grade silicone and Keepers are made from latex rubber. They are an environmentally friendly alternative to both sanitary towels and tampons as they are re-usable menstrual cups which are worn internally to collect the menstrual flow.

If like me, you are a cynic you could be forgiven for thinking that there are a lot of big market brands out there in sanitary protection ware who have a lot to lose if these products gain market share. Financially the money that can be given to marketing the big brands in sanitary towels and tampons is huge so it isn't really surprising that there hasn't been much fanfare around a re-usable product which doesn't hold the same recurring profits for the retailers who stock them as they last approximately 10 years

I have not yet received my Mooncup but plan on doing a review as soon as possible after I first receive and use it. At this moment in time I cannot see how it could be more messy or uncomfortable than sanitary towels or any more intricate to insert than a tampon. Time will tell.

The Irish Independent - dependent on Bloggers?

Value Ireland Blog has pointed out how an article about shopping around for cheaper insurance which was published by the Irish Independent bears an uncanny resemblance to Value Ireland Blog's own article on the same topic.

As ever, Damien Mulley is right on topic having picked up on Value Ireland's post re this obvious plagiarism and also pointing out the recent attacks which have been made on Bloggers by the Irish Independent. The inimitable Bock The Robber has clearly laid out the blatant plagiarism of the article showing side by side the quotes from each.

Not only was it flagrant plagiarism it was truly lazy plagiarism; no attempt was even made to re-phrase the quotes taken from Value Ireland. An utter disgrace from a supposedly professional writer and publication.

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Breast screening scandal continues!

After all the outrage, scandal and indeed incredulity we have witnessed in the last few months with regard to the appalling treatment of women attending for breast cancer screening in this country nothing has changed.

On the 24th October I read a post from one brave young Irish mother who had found a lump in her breast and was also experiencing bleeding. Now, in this day and age we have all been warned enough about signs that need to be checked IMMEDIATELY - having a lump in your breast and bleeding is one such signal- no medical education or experience required! On presenting her referral for an ultra-sound at her local hospital she was told to "try Mullingar" as in the Midland Regional Hospital Mullingar, but it could take up to three weeks.

So, what had happened by the 6th November - nothing; an ultra-sound request had been returned to her GP! And then she was informed she was being referred to the Midlands Regional Hospital Portlaoise! This was smack bang in the middle of all the horrific revelations about Portlaoise and just prior to the Breast Service being pulled from that hospital. So you would think that the HSE would at least try to get things right and have put proper referral systems for women in the Midlands in place. Well as of the 1st December to quote this brave lady herself ".....I am still waiting for an appointment with the breast people. I'm still bleeding and still have some other stuff going on. No one cares."


Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Being 35!

So the moment has come, the clock has ticked twelve and I am now officially 35 - middle-aged? More than likely given that I'm a very overweight smoker who enjoys a drink and ain't addicted to either exercise or fresh fruit and vegetables!!!!

There are some very positive things about being 35 and where I am at in my life right now:
  • I'm young enough (and lucky enought) to still have my parents around and old enough to know how blessed that makes me
  • I know who my real friends are
  • I've been blessed with wonderful siblings (most of the time!) along with the joy of two beautiful, smart, funny nieces and a darling, inquisitive nephew
  • I'm settled into my career path for now, happy in my job (I've had some where the thoughts of going into work was nausea inducing!) and am doing ok at it
  • I am lucky enough to have enough money not to have to worry about it in my current situation
  • I own my own little house where I have great neighbours, a lovely garden and a fantastic view (all I need is Kim & Aggie to keep the feckin place clean!)
  • I have been able to visit a lot of wonderful places but would love to visit so many more - still have a few more continents to hit at the very least (can't believe I've not yet made it to the USA!)
  • I can now manage my curly hair instead of it managing me
  • And most importantly I have now come to terms with the fact that I will never wear that devastatingly short mini that I always dreamed of wearing for one-night only, this is not actually because of my gi-normous ass and thunder thighs although they were a contibuting factor in this acceptance, rather it is because I've faced the fact that I genetically have cankles! (thanks Ma!)

On the other hand, whilst I've never particularly minded getting older, am not one of those women who gets offended when asked her age (unlike the other women in my family - sorry girls!) and am not overly worried about being 35 per se, as a single, thus-far barren woman it does represent a marker in my life. According to fertility statistics my chances of ever being a mum are on a very, very slippery slope from here on in - strange when you consider to all intents and purposes all that has changed is the hand on a clock. I am no different than I was at 11.59pm but statistically my reproductive organs are on the road to nowhere! But enough about that subject my previous post Baby Race covers my thoughts on that topic - mind you it is frighening that it's from almost 2 years ago and I'm still in the same situation (albeit with a year long relationship in-between!)

Anyway, onwards and upwards, this could be the year;

  • The year I meet a life partner
  • The year I become a size 12 again
  • The year I become addicted to exercise
  • The year I give up smoking
  • The year I begin to welcome fruit and vegetables into my life as part of a healthy balanced diet
  • The year I become a clean freak and my house and office sparkle in their orderly tidiness
Or, what the heck, the year I wear that devastatingly short mini!!! - ''Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose!"

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Monday, December 03, 2007

Review of Carlinn Gallery

Carlinn Gallery,
Dundalk Street,
County Louth,

"Lovely little art gallery nestled right in the heart of Carlingford. A place you can walk in and browse without feeling like you're intruding - warm and friendly staff. Well worth a visit when in Carlingford."

As someone who loves art but doesn't know a lot about it art galleries have always seemed inaccessible and often a bit hoiety-toiety. Not so the Carlinn Gallery, it is a lovely little gallery nestled in the heart of beautiful Carlingford County Louth.

They have some great exhibitions and lots of fantastic art pieces ranging from huge canvases down to very small reasonably priced pieces by younger, less well known artists. Most importantly it is a place you feel free to walk into and browse around. The reception is warm and friendly from staf and you can browse freely without someone following you around. Well worth a visit if you happen to be in that beautiful part of the world.

Rated 5/5 on Dec 03 2007
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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Adding bookmarking options to your posts!

Have just spent stupid amount of time trying to add the option to bookmark my posts into my blog template! Was just trying to write up a simple walkthrough for other gobshites like myself who aren't technical people but Blogger won't let me (aghhhhh!) - some of the text was the html stuff for changing template to do this. It's too late and I'm too tired to even try to fix it now but if you do want a walkthrough from a fellow blog novice let me know and I will try again after I get some sleep!

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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Philip Pankov

Regular readers will notice the new face of That Friday Feeling mostly inspired by this photo from Philip Pankov Photography. Philip specialises in beautiful Black & White photos from Ireland. He is originally from Russia but has now made Ireland his home where he lives in Greystones. He has studied extensively and has studied photography at the Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art & Design as well as earning degrees from both Trinity and UCD.

"After he started widely exhibiting in late 90s, Pankov’s work rapidly garnered substantial recognition with the Irish population who were enchanted with his shamrock-free depiction of their country. More recently, Pankov’s work has gained increasing popularity worldwide and is now held in private and corporate collections throughout Europe, North America, and Japan. (See www.philpankov.com for more information).

All of his photographs are hand-printed by the artist himself and processed to museum archival standards. Working exclusively with traditional medium-format black-and-white film allows Philip to produce ultra high-resolution images that capture minute details with striking sharpness." (Photo Techniques Magazine, USA January 2007)

His site www.philpankov.com is well worth a visit to have a look at his wonderful images for yourself.