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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Too much to say!

So, Curly K just had a fantastic first date.............good company, attractive guy, chemistry...............but......................and there is a but;................. shouldn't be.................but there is.

Some women (especially me!) are never happy I swear!!!!!!!!!


"Mental note to self (again!) do not post at stupid o'clock in the morning after a barrel full of wine!!!

There is no real but at this stage except maybe how the fuck do I do a Kim & Aggie on my house single-handedly in the next week or so :)!!!!

The but last night was probably caused by being told just before the date that an ex of mine that I really did like a lot apparently isn't over me and still likes me - duh to me - he broke it off a long time ago, has certainly made noises to the effect that he still likes me since we broke up but only when I was last seeing someone else. He's known for a long time now that I am single again and done nothing about it so he can go and jump as far as I am concerned.

And to be truthful last night was really a lovely night; great company and conversation, good looking single bloke no baggage and some chemistry to boot :)!

Now anyone got a phone number for Kim & Aggie! So much to do, so little time :)!!!"


Deborah said...

Ah you can't leave us hanging like that Miss Curly! ;-)

Is it a "but" that could be overcome on subsequent dates or a but that might become several buts on further dates!?

Curly K said...

Ah Debs to be fair there actually is no real but at this stage except that one should not post at stupid o'clock after wine LOL

Quickroute said...

done a few o those D&P (Drunk & Post) blog posts myself. It's only in the morning you see the painful light of day!

Doris said...

Oooooo I hope you are working on the Kim and Aggie thing so that you don't face the same dilemma again .... "can't invite him for coffee 'cos of ....."

C'mon girl! And what about a relationship corner? Far right hand corner of your main or bedroom should be a clean and tidy shrine to relationships. Start with that corner and work outwards!

Kim & Aggie xx ;-)

Word verification is a sign I tell you: hothfa

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