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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Slide & tilt patio doors?

Trying to do some research on slide & tilt patio doors right now and there isn't a whole lot out there about what's available in Ireland so wondering if anyone has a slide & tilt patio door? Is it good? Where did you source it in Ireland? Will I need to re-mortgage to get one?

I'm simply trying to solve a big problem I've had in my house since I moved a few years ago. My house is a townhouse and only has one room to the back which is the livingroom and the only window in the room is the sliding patio door. It's great in the summer but any other time I dread leaving it open to air the room as I absolutely dread mice and rats and don't want them getting indoors so never leave the door open unless I'm in the room. This means that it doesn't get aired nearly enough as in winter by the time I get home it is dark and cold and sitting with a door open isn't really an option.

As I absolutely do not want french doors opening either in or out of the room and I cannot see any sliding doors with an integral window that can be opened I'm beginning to think that a slide and tilt patio door may be my only option.

Any information would be a bonus - what a pity architects don't think of all practicalities when designing houses!

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Convenor said...

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Thanks! Slán!

Convenor said...

Could you give a bit of publicity to two new blogs, please:


Thanks! Slán!

steph said...

Hi there! Curly K

Just popped over for a visit - thanks for the link.

btw I like your IBA banner ;-)

We had a 'slide and tilt' door to the garden years ago and it was a frigging disaster. The handle operating mechanism was too complicated for visitors to work out, the sliding mechanism was dodgy and we eventually had to replace the whole thing with an ordinary sliding door - a costly mistake. From a security point of view, a 'slide & tilt' door is an excellent way to air a room but if it's a doorway that's frequently used, I wouldn't go there. Having said that, we have a large bathroom window upstairs which is 'tilt and turn' and opens inwards so that we can use it as a fire escape onto a dormer roof, if necessary. I'm sure these days they must have designed a 'tilt & turn' door that could solve your problem.

Cheers! Steph

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Rolf Matchen said...

Any updates on what you chose? I think the choice will boil down to what is more practical for the space. While reading your post, I can imagine the French door in your room. I hope that you reconsider the French door. This type of door can add an illusion of space into the room and let natural light come inside, which makes the place look bigger and spacious.

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