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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Where is my mind gone?

There is no explanation for how little my brain is actually functioning today (certainly the wine last night did not help but this goes beyond sluggish). I am looking at the same report for most of the day and other than receiving Divine intervention in the next few minutes I still won't have completed it by close of business. This is not good, I gave my word it would be completed today. I also have so much to do when I get home that it is not even funny anymore and yet my brain refuses, point blank, to co-operate - I'm f***ed!

What has caused this mental meltdown? Its beyond me. (but then it would be right now, due to my diminished mental capacity!)

Oh boy do I wish there were a smart pill I could take right now.

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Omaniblog said...

What's all this "report" stuff? Have I missed the earler posts? Does everyone but me know what you do with these "reports"?
As far as I'm concerned, you are an artist.

doris said...

I'm like that most months!

But I worked hard today and it's a Sunday. I seem to work better at odd hours.

Maybe you could do a report about Homer Simpson and the "Doh" phenomenon and replace every word beginning with "s" to the main subject of your report?

Do you still have a job?!

Curly K said...

Paul - just work reports - I have never gone into the details of what I do, simply admin and policy research - boring at times but can be v interesting and I am blessed with the ability to read through reports fairly and to summarise the facts fairly quickly which helps. Thanks for the artist comment - never thought of myself in those terms. Just like venting I suppose

Doris - yes I still have a job (I think!) managed to pull things together in the end.