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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Not quite the beach but hey!

Well, its not exactly Mauritius or the Bahamas but have just booked two nights away down the country in a nice hotel with leisure facilities etc so happy days! As I haven't had a proper holiday in over two years I can't wait - to be pampered just a little!

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JL Pagano said...

Nothing wrong with a bit o' pampering... ;-)

TheCatGirlSpeaks said...

Oh, man, I need a holiday too!

Curly K said...

JL: You can sing that!
Cat Girl: Oh boy I need a man too! (just playing on your words)

Kev said...

Kick back and relax. Let them others deal with the outside world for a bit!

Nothing quite like switching off for a few days.


Omaniblog said...

At last, I have a photo. Who's that guy with you?

Curly K said...

JL - The pampering at the hotel was lovely - booked in for a facial, back massage etc. fantastic. Had been promising myself massage forever but never felt justified in spending the money - will definitely be doing so from now on.

CATGIRL - I need a full holiday too but the mini break did me good, although need one again seeing as that was over a month ago and I've since had an operation.

KEV - thanks, I really did enjoy the break and the massage and pamering was brill.

PAUL - Have to confess that is not me in the photo so I don't have a clue who the man is, mind you I don't have my real photo up in the profile either - don't think anyone would read the blog if I did!