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Friday, February 17, 2006

Ugh, where did he get that idea from???

Was just checking through the comments on all my posts and they're great; intelligent and witty observations all round - except for one, which was left on my post "Baby Race".
Teazer Man has somehow got the impression that I would be interested in porn. All this from a post about thirtysomething women who want to start families. My first thoughts and reactions were as follows;
  • Yuck, yuck, yuck
  • Where did he get that friggin' idea from?
  • Am I missing unintentional signals that I inadvertently place in my posts?
  • Didn't I tell you - men just don't get me!!!!
  • At least he said he liked my blog....

I am sure, however, that he probably just trawls the blogosphere placing his adverts in the comment section of blogs. So there you have it folks, Teazer Man, coming to a blog near you soon.

Ah well, at least I'm starting to reach a wider audience!

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doris said...

Sorry to be boring but could I suggest you delete his comment. You are right that his comments will be coming to a blog near us soon but the reason they post comments is to place a link to their website. Delete the comment and you've taken him down one notch on his search engine rankings. He hasn't read your blog and probably has some bot program to post as many messages as possible, but what is interesting is that you have the password thingy and that IS supposed to counteract these spammers.

Perhaps they have found a way round the system. Or maybe he does it by hand.

They always say something nice about your blog to make it look like they are real commenter!

Anyway, I haven't clicked on his link as I don't want to give him that satisfaction. Of course he may not be a he so am using the generic "he"!

Have a great Friday eveing :-)

Curly K said...

LOL - Doris, I'm betting that he did do it "by hand"!!!

Nevertheless, after reading your comment curiosity got the better of me and I clicked quickly on the link purely for research purposes.(Ok, I do need to get out more on a Friday night! :-{)

To my surprise, it seems to be a more responsible adult site. (I even get top quality spammers!!!) It's Norwegian, I think, and there is an entry page before you get to any porn - which, by the way, I didn't click to.

So, Teazer Man, who does it by hand, is relatively responsible, for a spammer. That said, that is not the sort of traffic or readership I want on my blog so will delete it, once i work out how to, without making genuine commenting more difficult.

Have a fantastic weekend too :-}

doris said...

As the owner of this blog and presumably being sort of logged in using your regular browser, when you look at the comments is there a little dustbin underneath each one? In which case, click on the one under the offending post and it will check whether you want to delete permanently.

You could even first post a dummy comment somewhere way back and practise just to be sure!

LOL at him doing it by hand!

BTW - I think pornography does have its place but as you say, it has to be done responsibly. As a woman I find pronography fun only if I am sharing it with a bloke... otherwise jeez, it leaves me cold. Brrrrr.

Now, back to that guy, he is probably running an affiliate link so he gets a bit of money each time someone signs up through the link he gave. Probably.

Omaniblog said...

No, no don't delete his comments. That's a slippery slope... You then find yourself being a censor, only allowing those you approve of. You know what that means.
Ignore him. Ignore whatever you like. You have the power to rise above any remarks and leave them wither.

there is always a way back. You can change, and you'll still be the "owner" of your blog. A blog with warts on is worth twenty censored.

I'm a newcommer to blogging. I have all the passion of a newcommer, the faith of a preacherman...

Curly K said...

Paul, good point. Maybe thats why I didn't try to delete it straight away. Am going to leave the comment in, as to not do so would be hypocritical given my post about Free Speech. If it was one of those links that brings you straight to a site that you can't get out of I probably would delete due to nuisance value to others logging onto the blog, but its not so it stays.

Omaniblog said...

Oh, thank you. It is a fragile ledge that we stand on when we intend not to become a censor. It can crumble so easily. Your gut instinct was completely sound. The intellect is such a serpent.