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Monday, February 06, 2006

And I'm back!

Well, I've arrived back in sunny Ireland, safe and sound after a fairly hectic four days work and travel. Managed to get the teeny tiny suitcase on as hand luggage whenever I wanted due mainly to the fact that all the flights were with Air France and what a pleasure it was to fly with them. Nearly fell off my seat on one of the internal flights when I was allowed have coffee and a wine along with my sandwich. Sad really that it has become the exception to the rule when one is treated like a valued customer on a flight but that's the way things have gone. I like that little bit extra - good customer service - I really object to having to pay for putrid coffee on Ryanair and other supposedly cheap flights. The irony being that anytime I have flown Ryanair there have been no cheap flights left (usually it's for business and by the time four partner countries agree on date and place of meetings we are too late booking to get any decent deal!) So, for my money I prefer those little extras and being treated as a customer rather than a number, but then again I'm old school.

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