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Monday, February 06, 2006

Van Gogh or Cezanne??

I've signed up for an art class, which is great except for the fact that I couldn't draw a straight line! Don't think any serious artists will have anything to worry about but sure it'll get me out of the house and might even encourage my creative side.

Sadly though I bet it'll be all women over thirty at the class. Bet there won't be a man kind there, more's the pity! I seriously contemplated signing up for a mechanics night class or some such but they were only running a tiling course. Now, as a driver there would be some advantage to doing a course on mechanics of my car, however, as I never intend to tile anywhere there would be no use in attending a tiling class. (Which would probably be full of women who've been bitten by the DIY bug anyway!)

I'll keep you posted on whether I look set to become the next Cezanne or Van Gogh!

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doris said...

LOL I seem to be spamming your blog with comments!

A couple of years ago I did a woodwork course which was in the local college for tradesmen. Lots of lovely blokes there... but sooo young.

Good luck with the painting - I'd love to do that.

BTW - I found my Mr Doris on the internet ;-)

Curly K said...

Well Doris,
The next course I'll be booking is a woodwork one then!

The painting was actually good craic, my mum came along and we were like the bold children at the back of the class - giggling and tittering. We ended up sketching a bowl of fruit with a vase of flowers and the results are nothing if not amusing!

doris said...

Good for you - glad you did it.

However, you know taking your mum to these sorts of things is not guaranteed to allow decent blokes to come within a mile?!

But the important thing is to enjoy the painting. Nice that you can do such things with your mother. I'd likely go into the "mother" role with mine and have to keep her under control!