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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Oh for God's sake get a bleedin life!

RTE programme earns ire of animal activist
Thursday February 16th 2006

An animal rights activist last night accused RTE's 'Podge and Rodge' show of harming animals. Mary Chundee, from Friends of Animals in Mullingar, hit out after the show featured ferret racing with commentary from the station's GAA commentator, Micheal O Muircheartaigh. Ms Chundee claimed the animals were terrified and confused by the people, the noise and the studio lighting. In reply, RTE said it "would like to assure viewers that professional animal handlers are on hand at all times to ensure the safety of the animals during filming".

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It truly amazes me how fanatical some people can become when you're talking about Animal Rights. I am all for kindness to animals and completely against cruelty to animals but honest to God I am constantly astounded by the energy and the fanaticism of some Animal Rights supporters! Take Ms. Chundee above, has she nothing better to do with her time? Seriously, anyone who has ever been within a mile of a ferret would know that the animals handlers were somewhere close when RTE was filming the ferret race (for both the ferrets and humans safety!). I thought I was bad but that gal really needs to get out more!!!

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G. said...

Forget the ferrets, I get terrified and confused by people, noise, and studio lighting.

Curly K said...

My point exactly, forget the friggin' ferrets - like the world needs them! Sorry to hear you get like a rabbit caught in headlights in a studio situation or do people and noise in general terrify you???

Omaniblog said...

As a ferret, I'd like to express my disappointment at your tone of voice. For too long we ferrets have been kept at arms' bay, excluded from company and generally expected to crawl away into a small hole.
Ferrets have rights too. The UN Charter of Human Rights has been adopted, in amended form, by the World Ferret Convention, known as the Hague Convention.
Of all bloggers Curly K, I'd have expected you as a curly person to respect and be an advocate of national rights for ferrets and civil rights for ferrettes.

Curly K said...

What can I say Paul, the last ferret I met put me right off your type and I've since become a member of The Royal Society for the Protection of Mice, who are wholly against the furtherance of the cause of the ferret. (for understandable reasons)!!!!

Omaniblog said...

Isn't this year of the mouse?