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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Last post and gee it's Valentine's Day!

Just wanted to correct the image that some of you may have now conjured up about me after the last few posts; I am, in fact, not a short, lardy arsed cripple with a wind problem! (Or maybe that is what people see and thats why I haven't had to wade through tons of cards, balloons, chocolates and teddies today!!) When I started this blog I didn't actually think anyone would ever find it, let alone read it and while I'm not exactly top of the blogs there are at least one or two people who do actually log on regularly (I prefer quality not quantity myself!) but I had decided that I wasn't going to talk about the PA or IBS cos I really don't want a bloody moan or support or symptom blog but I just had to mention them yesterday cos I was so browned off.

Today, however, is a new day and I'm feeling good again - as normal as it gets for me anyway! I patiently await the surprise bunch of flowers (believe me it would be a very big surprise!) and am keeping this evenings diary completely free (nothing new there but I can live in hope.)

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doris said...

LOL Sorry to chuckle - I remember being single. Or worse, being in a long term relationship with a married man.... still no gushy signs of love and waiting for something to happen.

About mentioning the IBS - isn't that about being holistic? Good to mention it when you need to and meanwhile there are juicy other topics to talk about such as men and men and ...... :-)

Yeah - quality not quantity :-)

Curly K said...

Men, men, men.... I remember them, I think Doris!

Omaniblog said...

Excuse me. I hope you won't mind me chipping in on the topic of men. There are plenty of men. It's not that difficult to meet them and, if it's quality you are after, every man has some qualities.
I'm not saying that everyone fancies men but, if you do, you can meet them. Every day I pass loads of them in Douglas and when I was in Limerick recently I noticed that there were even some out walking on O'Connell Street.
I met a man in Wakefield who had IBS. So let's hear no more about the shortage of men.

Curly K said...

Very good Paul. But I never said there was a shortage of men! There is, however, most definitely, a shortage of (available) men who are interested in me!

Omaniblog said...

There is not a shortage of men who are interested in you. There is a shortage of men who know about you. First men have to know about you, then they can become interesting in you.

Now, how about you being intested in men? The other way round... Are you really intested in men? If so, I respectfully suggest you become more interested in yourself. First find out more about yourself by exploring your interests.

Oh dear, I better stop. I hardly know you. You might be putting up a dart board and sharpening the darts. I might find myself as a bull's eye.

But I know someone who is so interested in themselves that they talk to strangers, go to places they have never been and enter into relationships for the fun of it.

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