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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Name change!

Just a quick post this morning, I am going to change my name by deed poll but I can't quite decide whether my new name should be Lucky or Healthy for the reasons (summarised!) below;

When trying to get my car towed to fix the clutch (see Clutch, clutch, clutch!) on a freezing cold night;

  • The battery had gone dead, I must have left a light on in my confusion, after hitting the bollard
  • Trying to find jump leads was like trying to get gold dust but eventually managed to get the loan of a set
  • The bit that attaches to the car so that a tow rope can be attached was missing from my boot
  • Phoned good friend with similiar car, whose car is always pristine (guaranteed to have the missing bit) - and she had just traded it in and was waiting for new model.
  • The tow rope broke on a really narrow road with three cars behind me and another coming in the opposite direction.

Following on from my previous post "If this goes on - I will be as thin as Paris Hilton!" I went for tests yesterday to check what was going on. Now, I know how to get value for money, so I left the hospital with four separate diagnoses:

  • Hiatus Hernia
  • Severe inflammation of the stomach
  • Gallstones
  • An ovarian cyst for good measure

So I am destined for the operating table very soon! On the brighter side;

  • It was only the clutch cable that was gone so wasn't too expensive
  • At least the severe pain was my Gallbladder and not IBS - much quicker and more final solution to the pain problem
  • If I hadn't had the tests they wouldn't have found the cyst for God knows how long

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TheCatGirlSpeaks said...

Oh, yikes, you are in a bad way! While my contribution to the environment is not driving so I therefore know zip about cars, I've every sympathy on the health front.

On the name side of things, one of my friends is a primary school teacher and has a child called Blessed and one called Chardonnay in her class. Perhaps those might be classy options? I deal with a lady called Lovely at work (and assuming she's not in fact hideous - we've never met) think this is a great name!

Omaniblog said...

How about changing your name to
"Thy lucky heal"

Curly K said...

I think I'll run a competition for the best name - answers on a postcard please.

Ah, its not bad lads, honestly. I'm one of those people who'd rather know what I'm dealing with and get on with it (it being twenty G&Ts and as many fags as I can handle in one night!!!) Seriously, though, its all manageable and there is an upside to everything as per the last of the post. I just don't think anyone will ever use my donor card should I ever bite the bullet - I'm basically f***ed like an aul banger of a car!

Big K said...

Jaysus missus,
Just read this now. You're falling asunder by the sound of things. Methinks this calls for a few medicinal G&Ts/pints over the paddys weekend when the country cousins are heading north! Take care of yerself and we'll hopefully see ya then.