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Monday, February 13, 2006

If this goes on - I will be as thin as Paris Hilton!

I'm back earlier than planned but then not much went to plan since Friday afternoon. Went out for dinner Friday evening after work. Nothing special just a main course and then back to friends house for a glass of wine or two.

Well, that was where my weekend started and ended. I didn't get a wink of sleep Friday night, in fact I couldn't sit, stand or lie with chronic abdominal spasms and eventually ended up in the hospital to get an injection to make it all go away.

I thought I'd got used to dealing with crap like this having inflammatory PA (psoriatic arthritis) but Friday/Saturday knocked me for six. I was diagnosed with IBS years ago and it was never too severe, nothing I couldn't handle but this weekend was not fun. So, life really can be a bitch, I've managed to get a fairly good handle on the arthritis since I was diagnosed. For someone who used to hate needles I've learned to self-inject my medications etc. - whatever the PA has thrown at me I've bloody come back and now this - bugger, bugger, bugger!

Just had to rant somewhere. I know its not the end of the world and so many people have so much more to take but this weekend f***ed me off big time.

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TheCatGirlSpeaks said...

Poor you. I sympathise as I've terrible IBS which varies in severity - for several years I was in and out of hospital and they thought it was Crohns at one stage. Peppermint tea (along with vast quantities of Immodium!) is my saviour. It's a highly antisocial condition which, unfortunately, a lot of people seem to find comical. Hope you feel better soon.

Curly K said...

Thanks Cat Girl, sorry to hear that IBS is another thing we have in common.

Anyway feeling much better now.

doris said...

Good grief - you are not my mate down the road are you? She's still being diagnosed but psoriatic arthritis seems to be the culprit except she doesn't have much in the way of psoriasis presenting at the mo. There are many days when she just feels sh*t and as she says, there is nothing externally to show for it and so she gets little understanding. It's a case of pull yourself together etc.

Curly K said...

I had never had psoriasis except in some in scalp and nails that came on a while before onset of PA. Only I'd had a fall and a suspected fracture (which turned out to be PA inflammation) I wouldn't have been diagnosed either. I had gone to my GP where I used to live and was told the exact same - she actually handed me a leaflet on depression!

If your friend can get to a Rheumatologist they'll be better able to diagnose. If its not that simple she should ask for a second opinion and try to locate a more educated GP.

It's very hard to understand just how overwhelming the tiredness can be and how sh*t you feel. If she wants to drop me a line anytime at curlykfriday(ANTI-SPAM REMOVE)@yahoo.co.uk, tell her to feel free.

It does get better, firstly, actually getting a proper diagnosis is a relief. Secondly, it takes a little time but you do learn to manage the symptoms.

Curly K

KnackeredKaz said...

I sympathise about the IBS too Curly and Cat Girl. I actually have Crohn's and it's not pleasant at all and you're right, dead anti-social! (And the tests to find it are bloody horrible too.)

People think that Crohn's is worse than IBS but if you've severe IBS that can be just as bad and upsetting.

At least my doctor believes me when I say I'm ill because I have a 'recognised' disease, I know some friends with IBS and their doctor's dismiss it and tell them it's "only a touch of the runs" but it's not.

I find pineapple swiss roll and Lomotil works for me! (You can only get the Lomotil on prescription and you can't drink alcohol when you take it but, God it's goooooooooood!)

Curly K said...

Cat & Kaz - its no wonder we're single!!!! Doris, the love of a good man must be keeping you healthy!

Omaniblog said...

We're all single Only some people think they aren't.
The more singular you are, the more interesting you are to another, provided the other is really an other.

Curly K said...

Yeah, good point Paul, thats why I was being ironic.