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Monday, February 06, 2006

A glass of wine please!

So I'm sitting in France about to tuck into a magnificent lunch along with eleven others from all over Europe and the wine is produced. Now, here in Ireland I reckon we'd order at least four bottles, if there were twelve of us sitting down to dinner but no, it was two bottles between twelve people. Amazing!

Here in Ireland we are constantly bombarded about the drink culture and all too often people point to European countries and say they drink with their meals etc., Yes they do but in fairness nothing like we do. I have to say I felt like an alcoholic when I was at that lunch; the glass of wine placed in front of me was the equivalent of what they pour in restaurants to let you taste the bloody thing and I could have drank the glass in one mouthful (yes I have a big mouth!)

So maybe I'll try to be more European in my drinking from now on - I must not drink a bottle of wine by myself and consider that I have been moderate in my drinking. Maybe I'll cut down to three-quarter of a bottle at a time - well there's no need to be hasty about these things is there???

Am now terrified that I could contemplate becoming moderate in all things (drinking, smoking etc.) - after all there was even less smoking in France than I expected. Jesus, just had a really frightening thought, what if I turn into a health freak who no longer smokes, doesn't drink and even exercises - ahhh!

Might have to cut down on my future exposure to other cultures - I don't feel myself anymore - hold on - did anyone see my cigarettes??

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