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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Clutch, clutch, clutch!

I knew I should have stayed in bed this morning. Knew it, knew it, knew it. Bad enough that I was heading for a smear (sorry guys!) but on the way the clutch went in my car. Not too bad, so far; one is a fact of life and the other I knew was inevitable as the clutch had been playing up for a little while.

What clinched that feel good factor for me was that, despite the fact I had managed to get off the main road without a major accident as my clutch was going, when I was in the process of parking the feckin thing went completely. It snapped, causing the car to jerk forward into a bollard. Bloody lovely, so now I have a car that doesn't work, with a great big dent in it and I still had to get to the doctors!!!

I won't even bother with the details of how the doctors visit or the subsequent hours went, needless to say, I am now sitting with a cigarette in one hand and a glass of wine in the other! Hope your day was better!

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Red Mum said...

Ach that sounds like an absolutely shite day. BUT thankfully your car fiasco was only a 'minor' incident, and you walked away so it was minor. The money is another matter, but it could have been so much worse. Hey you had a wild lucky escape.

I have nothing to say about the smear... being a woman and all that. Just I understand.

And like yourself I will repour another glass of wine and light another ciggie... Top up?

Curly K said...

Thanks Redmum, delighted to see that one of Ireland's foremost bloggers (or "Bloggerati" as I like to say) is reading my humble blog.

Yes, it began as a shite day, but it could only improve, and it didn't end up too badly. Couldn't agree more that its not important in the bigger scheme of things. No-one died, right now I can better afford the repairs than this time last year and it gave me a post!

All is relatively good in the world.

Kev said...

Aiiee! What a crap day and all. Really glad you are ok though, machines are fixable/replaceable. Humans markedly less so!

Can't really comment on the reason for your trip to the quacks, but I sympathise, especially based on how those around me have to put themselves through it.

Hope you thoroughly enjoyed your wine at the end of the day!


doris said...

Good job you had that mini-holiday booked!

For what it is worth, I have a problem with smear tests. The actual process, though I understand it logically, makes my knees look like they have lost the ability to separate. As if I have never lived the wild life in my time. And then the staff usually make me feel like some prudish freak.

Real bugger about the car.

Have I missed the wine... or can I start now at 11am because it is already one of those days!

JL Pagano said...

Yuk - not exactly That Friday Feeling, was it? Good to hear you got to the end of the day relatively unscathed, and I sincerely hope the glass of vino was quickly followed by a second one!

Curly K said...

Thanks all. Day ended up not so bad although the head ain't so hot this morning - drank the whole bloody bottle of wine whilst I was at it!!!

Omaniblog said...

Well I can say something about you going for a smear. I've posted on this before and that gives me the right, doesn't it? There are things I'd like to know, like: Did you have to pay for it? If so, how much? Did you have to decide for yourself that it was a good thing to have? Or did you get a letter inviting you for smear? In other words, did you have to carry all the responsibility for your health? Was there any public health support?
If you were short of money, would you have gone anyway? Would you have been tempted to put it off until a bit later?
What do you think of what Mary Harney is doing to provide a public service for all women of a certain age - making sure they can have a smear test in good time?

Curly K: please answer none of these questions, unless you feel like it. I am sounding off.

I thought you were going to add to Paige's story about how she was treated at the garage.

I trust you've recovered now. What wine was it?

How did you manage to get such a heavy hitter to visit your blog. I can't even got my mother to read mine.

Curly K said...

PAUL - yes I have to pay for the smear but only as part of an overall healthscreening with work and we only pay a fraction of what the whole thing would cost so really charge was negligible in the end (€25 for the whole lot - bloods, ECG, check-up, smear and follow-up etc.)We were invited to attend by work.

If I was short of money I would have put it off (and after meeting Dr. Personality who carried it out if I'd known then what was in store I wouldn't have gone near her!)

Can't remember what wine it was but it did the job!