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Monday, January 23, 2006

Tragic stabbing at the weekend

I just wanted to comment on the terrible, vicious, unprovoked attack which led to Amy Farrelly's death in Cavan at the weekend. What is our world coming to when our youth are stabbing people. Apparently, according to the Sunday World, Amy had given evidence against another guy who had not only seriously assaulted her but had also stolen her car not once but twice. The implications of Amy's death are atrocious from start to finish, most importantly her family and friends have lost a loved one who was only beginning her precious life. What an absolute waste, their loss must be unbearable. You have to deeply moved by the thought of her little two year old son. My deepest sympathy goes to them all, I will be keeping them in my thoughts and prayers.

But I also have to say that family of the guy who carried out the attack will also be in my thoughts and prayers. Their world must also be in chaos, how do they ever come to terms with the consequences of their loved one's actions. I hope their true friends rally around them at this terrible, terrible time.

Outside the brutal loss of Amy's family, the shattering chaos that has come into the lives of the family of the guy who carried out the attack there are also more sinister reprecussions for society as a whole. What happens when the guy Amy gave evidence against gets out of prison?? Who will give evidence against him again? It is truly frightening. Whilst I hope the full force of the law will be brought to bear on Amy's murderer, I doubt anything can or will be done with the guy who she gave evidence against. This could and probably will be the biggest tragedy/misjustice to come out of Amy's tragic loss.

What else can you say? My thoughts are with both families - the world is gone mad.

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