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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A Bridget Jones Moment

Quick update, previous paralysing panic attacks have subsided a little and am now having a slightly Bridget moment:

24th Jan 2006

Weight - fat
Cigarettes - not enough as still in work
Alcohol - as soon as I get home
Men - none considering my boss or dad don't count

Am feeling slightly pleased with self, as I, Curly K, employee extraordinaire, have just managed to write a strategic policy document about a subject of which I have virtually no knowledge. (Note to self; must continue to be such a fantastic genius!!!) (Further note to self; might not be such a genius after all, isn't that how all strategic policy documents are written???)


Kev said...

Oh no! Don't tell me you are turning into one of those faceless policy wonks that churn out meaningless documents!?! "Henceforth, it is company policy that all pencils should be between 12.3 and 15.1 cm in length, and no harder than H grade."

A good policy should send people round in circles (and round the bend) whilst diverting attention from its creator.....



Curly K said...

Don't have a choice on whether or not to produce some policy / strategic documents however I don't work in HR or Senior Management so I'm not one of those 'wonks' that writes documents that drive staff demented. (Not that all HR / Senior Management are 'wonks', I'm very lucky where I work.

No, my work is on a much lower scale, comparable to good aul Bridget's attempt at news reporting by sliding down the firemen's pole as opposed to say the ITN or BBC reporters!!

However, I can think of one or two colleagues I wouldn't mind sending around the bend!!

Curly K - Still smoking!! :-)