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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Thank God Christmas is over!

Didn't think I'd ever say that but Jesus all the food, drink etc. just gets too much after a while. I did manage to have a fairly quiet and respectable Christmas (despite my best efforts!) but I still need a serious de-tox! Too many G & Ts, too much wine, too many cigarettes, too much good food - the list goes on.
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However I did manage to behave disgustingly well at the Christmas work get together - just had well over the recommended daily allowance of alcohol and cigarettes whilst remaining one of the relatively sober ones (relatively being a relative term if you know what I mean!!) Also attended another few parties since last posting and succeeded in putting away a small distillery worth of booze but didn't manage to do anything inappropriate with any eligible men so nothing new there then!

Got some lovely Christmas presents (notwithstanding that I picked half of them myself via the mammy - you know how it goes - sibling 1 phones the mammy and asks her to find out subtly what I want for Christmas, the Mammy then asks directly what I want with the instructions not to let on to sibling 1 that she has actually asked me directly what I want. The process was repeated at least twice this Christmas so can't exactly say I was surprised by the majority of my presents. However there was one exception, a friend who bought a beautiful piece of bling for me that turns out to be the perfect present, something you really like but would never have bought for yourself.

Seeing it's the New Year all that resolution crap starts again for another week or two. I have made a decision this year not to make a New Years Resolution in relation to something I will give up but rather to try to have a positive resolution as to something I will take up. This is as far the resolution has gone thus far. Whilst I would love to resolve that I will take up exercise or healthy eating I am realistic in that I'm more likely to win the lotto than to actually stick to either of those resolutions.

So in summary Christmas 2005 went relatively well, finishing off a not too bad year. The highlights of 2005 have to be as follows;
  • Passed my driving test - FIRST TIME - probably the best achievement of my life so far - the freedom - I LOVE IT!
  • Managed to complete a college course whilst working
  • Successful completion of that course, a social life and sheer laziness have led me to be eligible to have Kim & Aggie around to clean the house (2005 - the year I discovered I am crap at housework!)
  • Lost weight
  • Found love
  • Lost love (actually I didn't lose it like dropping something in the supermarket, more like I was dropped!)
  • Got a new hairstyle
  • Have managed to become a customer of a beauticians (at a certain age you need to give in to the fact that it takes a little more work!

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