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Monday, January 23, 2006

Is the Paul McKenna CD having other side-effects?

Just quick note to self, I actually began to think about giving up the ash / fags / cigarettes at the weekend. Haven't really ever considered it at any deep level except once years ago when I managed about three months off them. Perhaps the CD is making me want to become healthy in more ways than just food! Will ponder this thought and come back to you!


Kev said...

Do it.

Give up the cigs... you can only benefit from it!

Go on, you know you want to.......

heh heh ;-)

Curly K said...

Now Kev,

I know from your blog that you were studying degeneration etc. of liver tissue (think I'm well on with regard to that score as I have been known to take the odd gin & tonic or six!!) but I didn't realise you're also campaigning for cleaner lungs for the nation!

What can I say (cough, splutter, cough!), I will give them up eventually but currently I have none of the usual urgencies (babies, nagging husband etc.) so can smoke away in my own little house to my heart's content!

Curly (cough, splutter, cough) K

Kev said...

haha nice one! :-)

Actually, I have just finished looking at aspects of lung tissue and lung repair (although I'm currently on gardening leave I guess you'd call it, or pet sitting leave, er, whatever).

(as to the liver side of things... I'm a CAMRA member - the real ale beer bellies - so I can't preach *too* much!) :-)

Don't worry, I'm not a non-smoking fascist (only a mild nagging type!) ;-)

heh heh


Curly K said...

God Kev,

I'd say you "E" gets down on her knees and thanks God that she was lucky enough to find a man like you; a lager loving, nagging type, who knows all about one's insides! She's blessed!!!! :-)

Curly (heh, heh, cough, splutter, sh*t, that's not good, cough, hack, cough) K

Kev said...

LOL, actually, I think it's the other way around, I have to be thankful she tolerates my quirks! ;-)

My, thats a bad cough you have there ;-)