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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Ahhhh! So much to do, so little time!

So I'm currently having on of those day, don't know if you know what I mean but it just seems that every little minute detail of every single stupid thing I have to do in the next six months is spinning through my head. When I say spinning, I mean spinning, to the point that I've only just begun my panic attack about item 1, when item 2 that is also, apparently critically urgent, pops in, moves item 1 to the side and kick-starts a whole new panic attack. Does anyone else ever feel like this or am I just mental??? (Answers on a postcard please!)
Maybe if I write down the list here it will ease the situation, so here goes;
  • Finish report one, which is in draft form, for work
  • Decide what clothes etc. I need to take on my forthcoming work trip (I always aim to travel as light as possible) and ensure all the clothes that I need to bring are clean and ready to go
  • Start three other reports for work that are way, way, way overdue
  • Clean my house from top to bottom (as I've mentioned before housework ain't my forte in life) before Kim & Aggie seriously come to visit
  • Write a reference that someone asked me for ages ago
  • Visit my friends that live up the country and I haven't seen in too long
  • Attend for a necessary blood test that is at least two months overdue
  • Do a serious de-clutter on my wardrobe and everywhere else
  • Get my car door fixed (not my fault, some blind prat reversed into me!)
  • Change my mortgage to obtain better rate of interest (better get someone who could be bothered to understand all that double dutch about interest rates to come with me)
  • Find someone who could be bothered to understand all that rubbish about interest rates
  • Trade-in my car for a newer model
  • Call a plumber / fix-it person to repair the boiler, install my oven (it's a long story but suffice to say I don't bake a lot!!), repair what I suspect is leak in my attic, put up a blind and some shelve (oh and ALL my photos and pictures) and fix my outside light.
  • Get someone to redesign some of the storage in my kitchen, whoever designed the current one obviously has never stood in a kitchen - it just doesn't work!
  • Get the window cleaner and chimney cleaners in
  • Ensure guttering is mended and cleaned
  • Buy a dishwasher
  • Buy a garden shed
  • Buy a new computer
  • Plant my garden for the spring
  • Go to the physio for my back as advised by the bleedin doctor
  • Lose weight
  • Get healthy
  • Give up the cigarettes
  • Try to meet a funny, charming man with a mind and personality

I've written just those few things in less than a minute and a half and my head is still spinning. Am now panicking that I need to become more organised - AHHH! I give up.


Kev said...


Phew! Thats a list and a half (don't worry though, I have had similar almost frenzied periods in the past, they pass, and you feel a hell of a lot better after!) :-)

Can I offer a coupld of suugestions to solve some items on the list?

Re: Window/Chimney Cleaner: a small child, they fit in the spaces well and are easy to store in cupboards.

Re: Dishwasher: same small person from above, cleans your plates and can clean themselves too.

Re: Mortgage & Financial mumbo-jumbo, hire the services of one of those strange people that seem to like numbers etc (usually called Norman) - if you are really lucky the small person from above could be one of those prodigy types, huge forhead, specs and called Clive who could do windows, washing, chimney AND financial stuff!.

Ummm... ok, enough I think! ;-)

Good luck with attacking the list!


Curly K said...

Very good, at least that's distracted me for the time being. Off course if I could be a**ed motivating myself to get my finger out and actually start actioning the list it would be a start! :-)