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Thursday, January 19, 2006

EUREKA!! (incl Paul McKenna Update)

Just thought I'd gloat a little as I've managed to tidy up some of the mess that this blog had become as well as managing to get post titles back. Whilst these are not major achievements in any real sense, fuck it, I'm delighted 'cos I'm starting to get the hang of customising a blog!

By the way short update in relation to following the Paul McKenna weightloss programme - I have not yet turned into a Christina Ricci or Paris Hilton look a like (shockingly enough considering my good strapping big boned Irish body!!!). However, I am feeling a lot more positive about myself in general (one of the points on the CD) and I have definitely become more conscious of what and how much I am eating but in a good way. I am not obsessed about it but much more conscious in a relaxed and healty way. We'll see how it goes but it's certainly easier and lasting longer than previous futile resolutions to begin going to the gym etc. I bloody hate Gyms! Further updates to follow.


Kev said...

I was listening to Paul on the radio earlier this week (Radio 2??), he actually talked sense regarding his diet plan, like not associating food with guilt and negative emotions etc. Which makes a change from these fad diets (Atkins et al) which basically knacker your body in the longer term.

I'm feeling a little, shall we say, corpulent right now thanks to Christmas and general lack of exercise, I wont be dieting as such, just regulating intake and doing more exercise! And thinking about what Mr McKenna said :-)

PS like the Blog!

Curly K said...

Hi again Kev,

Yeah, I think Mr. McKenna may be on the right track, at least you don't feel guilty around food, always a help for us "big boned" Irish lassies!

The programme will either be a fantastic success or I'll end up eating everything in sight and not feeling a bit guilty!

Only time will tell.

Like your blog - hope the house and dog sitting is going well!!!

Curly K

Kev said...

Hiya Curly - Time.... the final word in almost everything.


Thanks, if you have any feed back, please do so, critcal or otherwise (I'm slowly trying add a few extra bells and whistles to my blog - with limited success!)

As to the Hound of the Baskervilles, I think he knows I'm boss now (fingers crossed), he woke me up this morning by headbutting the door open, snuffling in my ear followed by a flying leap onto me/the bed. :-)

All good fun!