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Friday, January 13, 2006

Blogging - the technical ins and outs of how to do it well?

Seeing as I am a complete technical novice in relation to this blogging mallarkey I reckon it's going to take me sometime to get a blog as technically good as some of the good ones I've encountered in my very short blogging life (Twenty Major et al - you guys know who you are!) Simple things like how I get proper titles (as per the template) on my posts have thus far confounded me (answers on a postcard pleeease!!) which is frustrating to say the least.

Still don't know about photos, catagorising etc. and to be fair I need to read the advice on Blogger but know this will take time. Not doing too bad at this stage, I think, to have managed to get a blog up and even to have begun inserting links but am completely lost in relation to connections, plugins, wordpress etc but I will get there.

If anyone has some amazingly simple tips send them my way - always open to learning and cogging!


Kev said...

I'm by no means an expert (far from it in fact), but photo wise, I think Flickr.com is a good means of doing photos in your blog. It has a feature that allows you to host the pic on Flickr and send a post to your Blog directly. All you do is set up an account, enter the various details etc upload your pics, et voila!

I have been messing about with it over the last few days and it seems OK. However i'm sure there are 101 other ways of doing the same thing!

Curly K said...

Hi Kev,

Thanks for that, I've just begun messing with Flickr myself. I think it is the way to go judging by some of the more technically brilliant blogs that I have logged onto recently, they all seem to use good old Flickr.

Nice to see someone has at last found my blog!

Curly K

Kev said...


The more I play with it, the more I like Flickr, I may even stump up for a Pro account if I get really carried away!