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Monday, January 16, 2006

A lot done - a lot more to do!!

So I've now managed to get a photo or two up and I think I may even have been able to successfully tag some posts - I am slowly getting there!!! This blogging mallarkey gets more complicated the more you get into it. Still don't have a clue what a lot of it means but am simply following links on sites and working through the obvious processes on them. Not bad for someone with absolutely no techy training.

Browsing the web today and was delighted to hear in the Irish Independent that the HSE has agreed to continue to pay for a nanny for the Cassidy Quintuplets down in Wexford. Can only summise that it is very difficult at the best of times trying to raise five children at once without the added worry of a meagre bit of funding from the government withdrawn so happy days to the Cassidys.

P.S. if anyone is considering having Quintuplets (are you MENTAL???) you should log on to the The Twins and Multiple Births Association to get the full skinny on how difficult that would be!

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