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Friday, August 25, 2006

Lovely night

Well met my date last night for a drink. Not going to go into how we met yet, too complicated ;-). We met in a quiet local pub and it was a very pleasant evening. Conversation was easy and he's really good company. Apart from the fact that we had very different accents (he's English) and had to repeat one or two things the conversation flowed all night. Also, quite funny cos he's very skinny and I'm so not - what's it they say about opposites?

Will be meeting again soon I think. Watch this space.


Mise said...

I'm delighted you had such a pleasant night...and it comes out in your nice warm description ..can kinda see your smile :-D

Curly K said...

So glad that you can kinda see my smile mise :-) you just got me 110% - right after me being told that I come across as intimidating to men! (and by a wonman I trust!)