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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Coming on holiday, do you speak Irish sir????

Just after watching the 9 o'clock news on RTE and can't believe what I've heard. This country is gone f**king mad. Excuse the language but seriously - An Bord Pleanala have apparently put a condition on a planning permission for a holiday home in An Cheathrú Rua. The condition is that anyone who will stay in the house for longer than a month must pass an Irish test. Now, whilst I understand the problem with the massive increase in holiday homes and the obvious detrimental effect that it can have on a community - how does putting a stupid clause about the Irish language into planning permissions help the situation? If that clause is put onto all new holiday homes in Gaeltacht areas effectively people cannot go and stay there for more than a month unless they are native Irish speakers. So, if I want to go on holiday for five weeks to An Cheathrú Rua, effectively as a native Irish person who doesn't speak Irish I can't go - yeah now that's logical!

Surely a tax on homes that are built solely as holiday homes would make more sense, it could be implemented on all such homes without creating the ludicrous situation that makes it impossible for tourists or non-irish speaking people to stay in the Gaeltacht for more than four weeks.

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Mise said...

I saw that too, in between the Rose of Tralee ...mad,and the planning rule is a bit mad too ;-D

...actually, the Roses are a very nice group this year :-D

Curly K said...

Mise; it's crazy but anyone who reads this blog will already know my thoughts what's being done in the name of the Irish language! Didn't watch the Rose this year!

cp said...

its like not letting non-locals build houses in wicklow or galway ... its like borrowing to get out of debt - storing up trouble for ourselves because these bloody houses will be built in any case

Curly K said...

CP: Thanks for stopping by. I certainly can't see how the Irish clause will work in any reasonable manner anyway. But there is a ridiculous amount of property being built in scenic areas that lies vacant for the majority of the time and no reasonable steps are being taken to curb the whole thing.

Coastal Aussie said...

Hello again !

I finally got brave enough to come back and see if you noticed my comment. And I'm so thrilled to know that I made your night.... reading that, makes mine tonight!

I admit, I am pretty freaked out that you knew an Aussie was dropping by (gosh, I'm so worried about the other blogs I visit - Redmum must have a huge spike over 'Australia' - how embarrassing!)... but knowing that now, surely does make me feel better about plucking up the courage to comment in the first place. Perhaps you mustn't know how you come across to your readers - very confident and assured - and because of the medium (communicating through the internet) it's all a little intimidating.

I'm also thrilled that another reader agreed with my suggestions, and if the product I mentioned isn't to be found in Ireland, then I'd be very happy to send one over as a gift, with a couple of postcards and a fidge magnet to boot ! ...that is, if I can see it in the shops anywhere .... of course, I'd only send it to an address you feel is safe to tell me of.

Anyway, I had to laugh when reading your latest entries because I always, always.. enjoy any stories you share about men and dating; I've also thought the same thing as your wise Aunt.. I think it applies to most people; and I'm just finishing up studying a subject on architecture at Uni this semester, so I could have told you all about the art historical and cultural significance of the buildings on tv.

Well, I'll go now but I'm looking forward to coming back again very soon.

Bye from Oz !

Coastal Aussie.

Curly K said...

Welcome back Coastal Aussie, don't freak out about the stats - but it is always better know anyway.

Confident and assured? LOL - You're right in that I'm not exactly shy in real life but certainly wouldn't be confident about the blog itself - it's fairly bland and low-brow compared to most of my faves but it's just a bit of fun for me. But that's the joy of blogs, it doesn't matter - it's only a taste of my take on life and if people don't get it, it's not a big deal. But obviously you get my sense of humour which is nice.

Glad you started commenting, but I understand your reluctance and nervousnes I was the same, still am with regard to the blog! But the more you comment or even blog, the more you get back from it! It's pretty intimidating at first but its good fun when you get into it.

Haven't had a chance to search for the cd cleaner yet but will get back to you if I can't find it. Thanks a million for the offer.

Keep checking in or even better start a blog yourself.

Talk soon

parnellpr said...

governments, never make any F***ing sense do they? Sorry 4 swearing but stuff like this just makes me want to scream!


Curly K said...

Pippa, feel free to swear, it's a topic I've sworn about quite a lot.

Devin said...

Iosa Chriost!! Are those langers for real? So just so I'm clear on this.You as a tax-paying but non-Gaelic speaking Irish citizen wouldn't be allowed to live in a part of your own country? What next?Internal passports? Visas for the Gaeltacht?
That shower of chancers have lost the run of themselves altogether.
BTW I'm a big fan of the blog.Nice one.
Oh..and I'm glad you had a nice night with himself...more details please.