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Monday, August 28, 2006

Beta Blogger

Currently having some problems commenting on my favourite blogs so bear with me folks. I am still dropping by, via bloglines etc. Plus I haven't got around to putting some new blogs I'm visiting up here but will get around to it eventually.


ChittyChittyBangBang! said...

I wanted to migrate my blog over to the new beta bloger, but when I saw all the problems you (and a few others) are having, I decided to hold on until they force us to.
I hope blogger sort out their problems soon... causing havoc in blogdom.

Mise said...

Yep ...been there...still there :-D

Curly K said...

Actually lads, overall it's fine, the only thing that has been a pain in the ass (which is a lot of pain for some of us!) is the commenting thing!

Apparently they are going to add even more - I await them in anticipation! Will let ye know.

doris said...

Umm, I am obviously out of touch ..... why beta blogger? But don't answer - I'll find out sometime :-)

Now, are you anywhere near this: Romantics flock to Irish festival

The romantic in me was wondering :-D

Doris said...

Inspired by you I took the plunge and converted to beta and had fun changing templates.

I too seemed to have problems now posting comments and still using the Other function to post comments. Right pain in the posterior.

On some blogs I seemed to have managed to sign in and others I just go round in circles.

Curly K said...

Doris; have not yet made it down to Lisdoonvarna but suppose I will at some stage if I remain single forever LOL. Must check out your new template - commenting is a pain in the ass but think they will get it sorted out eventually

CyberScribe said...

I'm waiting to get banned from sites for some of my comments


but haven't yet. I'll have to try harder :-)

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