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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Grocery shop from home my arse!

It's wet, it's miserable and there is no food in the house. Curly K decided to join the new millienium and order her groceries online. No driving, trying to park, remembering to bring bags, lugging the bags to the car, loading the car and unloading after the drive home - fantabulous! You think? Well folks if you don't live in Dublin or Bray online shopping ain't an option with Superquinn and as for tesco if you don't live in Counties Dublin, Meath, Wicklow, Cork, Galway, Limerick, Clare, Waterford, Kildare and Kerry you don't have the luxury of grocery shopping either. Dunnes Stores or Lidl don't appear to offer any online service!

Question: what about the rest of us? Surely those of us living outside the above mentioned Meccas deserve some service too? It's the Twenty-first Century for God's sake!

It's beyond ridiculous that there is a tesco store nearby and I can't avail of the service. At least the Superquinn site encourages you to register, even if you are living outside the delivery areas as they hope to broaden their horizons.

So for now I have to go and get the bags and begin the haul to the shops - bugger!

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thordora said...

When we lived in Toronto, I used online shopping all the time.

I LOVED IT. I'd go to the smaller stores for produce, but all the heavy crap was delivered for less than the cab ride would have been. The prices were slightly higher, but not noticeably.

Oh how I miss that.

TheCatGirlSpeaks said...

My experiences with online shopping have left a lot to be desired - they seem to pick the items closest to their sell-by dates, rarely deliver what you actually ordered (and substitute weird things, like meat products for vegetarian ones) and are never, ever at the time they say they'll be. Even without a car - which makes grocery shopping even more of a chore - I prefer to be able to pick what I'm getting myself. (the only exception being if you're ordering things like wine and loo roll!)

Curly K said...

Thodora: That's why I wanted to shop online, take the hassle of packing everything etc and having to drag a million bags to and from the car etc. but twas not to be. Hope you're feeling better - have they told you whether it's your gall-bladder yet?

Cat: I had fears that such things would happen but my sister tried Tesco online and was actually pleasantly surprised that fruit etc. was very fresh and she got everything she ordered as far as I know. I just wanted to see how convenient / inconvenient it would actually be. You have to learn to drive, it's the best thing I ever did, the freedom is fantastic.

Ms Ann Thrope said...

Did your sister get her groceries the same day she ordered them? I've shopped online with Tesco but I generally have to wait at least a day before they're delivered, so you'd still have to go to the shops.

Oh bugger, that reminds me, dinner's in the freezer...

Omaniblog said...

I signed up and ordered from TESCO in Bath UK. It was all exciting, picking out the things, selecting a time slot when I could accept delivery. I'm someone who loves supermarket shopping, so if this went well it could change my life in untold ways.

I organised everything. even made room for the goodies in the cupboard. it felt like christmas was about to come.

I waited... and waited... Then I listened to the phone message. Sorry we couldn't deliver today; one of our delivery trucks broke down... Apology, apology. I was profoundly un impressed by the UK market leader - couldn't even service its fleet properly.

I complained and they sent me a couple of £5 vouchers, which I forgot to cash.

I'm impressed with SuperQuinn, especially the Booterstown store. It's worth a visit because it has a different design from any supermarket I've been to.

Curly K said...

OMANI: SuperQuinn, one of the advantages of living in a city - us country bumpkins don't have the option unfortunately.