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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Hungry men find big women sweet!

Raymond Hainey in the over on Scotsman.com reports that men" who have skipped lunch find larger women more attractive than their slimmer counterparts, new research has revealed. A team of psychologists established that men who are hungry are attracted to plumper women, but the researchers found that, once they had eaten, men's taste in women reverted to those with slimmer figures....."

So that's the secret I've been missing! If men who have merely skipped lunch find us fuller-figured ladies more attractive then logically men who are starving would find us irresistable - anyone know where I can find some hunger-strikers???

So Friday approaches and regular readers will know Curly K loves Fridays. I'm off work tomorrow and heading for the sunny south-east. What do reckon my chances of finding a hungry man down there are?

A bientot, mes amis!

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parnellpr said...

Let's start starving men NOW! LMAO Pippa

The Tart said...

Too funny!

The Tart

ChittyChittyBangBang! said...

Ha ha... I guess it works the same way for women too.
See you at the all-you-can-eat buffet then?

JL Pagano said...

You're in luck, Curly K, because men are ALWAYS hungry.

Paige A Harrison said...

Is it just me, or do all big women find hungry men equally sweet?!

TheCatGirlSpeaks said...

Ah, funny - I saw them discussing this study on Richard and Judy last week (hey, I was on holiday and it rained every day) and thought about posting about it too. They actually did a test on the programme with three guys before and after feeding them and it was funny to see - before they ate the three guys all found 14/16 women most attractive, after they all went for the 8/10s. I guess the trick is to hang around restaurants - perhaps we should find part-time waitressing jobs...


Curly K said...

Pippa: I'm all for starving men now if that's how it affects them but I'd advocate only starving the decent available men!

The Tart: Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Chitty: See you at the buffet and if we wait you can cook it after your lessons!

JL: I would have thought so, but so far it hasn't worked!

Paige: Yup, but then the hungry eye sees far!

Cat: You pick a restaurant to work in and I'm there - maybe a restaurant on one of the ferries so we can work together!