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Saturday, August 19, 2006


Modernism, post-modernism, Prince Charles' famous speech about the carbuncle that was the addition to the British National Gallery in days gone by! Being Curly K is not always easy but the great thing about it, is that, having arrived home after 2am in the morning and after at least 8 gin & tonics I end up watching and enjoying a programme about British Architecture. Points of note are as follows:
  • I would love this programme just as much (and probably more) stone-cold sober
  • Architecture is such a massively important part of the creative/arts world as well as being a critical part of an evolving society
  • Society must embrace the joy of old, but not quite old enough, architecture that is currently being ripped out of the heart of Irish and British towns - not one with a great gra (love) for the Irish language but I must state the obvious on behalf of beleagured architectural styles; their day will come!


Mise said...

I always end up watching telly when I get home after a few drinks...years ago, it always seemed to be lawn bowls or snooker on BBC 2. Now with Sky, it could be anything...

...but I agree 100% with you about the architectural blight that's afflicted Ireland and Britain over the past 20 years ...With a few exceptions, it's almost come to the stage now that if we were dropped in the main streets of most Irish or UK cities and towns...we wouldn't actually be able to tell where we were ...High street retailers should start naming their stores to help us navigate ...Debenhams of Dublin...Tesco of Tullamore :-D

doris said...

OMG I shall become a nodding dog!!! I'm with yu on the architecture thing and even even got a friend or two interested in the subject.

On TV the other day they were looking at a viaduct in the middle of England and someone was saying that if Prince Charles was around then he would have criticised it as a carbuncle but now would criticise anyone who dared pull it down.

Some modern architecture is fabulous and inspiring. Other stuff, already listed buildings, are completely awful.

Fascinating subject.

Curly K said...

Mise: the globalisation that happening not only in England and Ireland with regard to shops etc. is frightening in one way. Glad I didn't up watching sport!

Doris: great minds think alike but of course over here we always have a counter saying - which is that fools seldom differ! Think we should stick with the first though!