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Friday, December 28, 2007

What a lovely Christmas!

Whilst I couldn't agree more with Damien, I too, am very glad that 2007 is almost over, it's not been a great year for me, I am, however, looking forward to 2008. 2007 is a year I have found much more of a struggle than ever before; I had a break-up of the longest relationship I've had in a number of years, have had bigger arthritis flare-ups than ever before, have hit the not-so-magic age of 35 as a single woman and more importantly struggled more to cope mentally with a long-term chronic illness and hitting 35 and still being single than I ever expected myself to but thankfully I have scraped through as ever :) and like Damien am just more than happy to see the back end of this year.

On a much more positive not I have also had a lovely, peaceful Christmas and realise that to be able to say that is a blessing, as Christmas is such a hard time for many people. The usual family Christmas went unbelievably smoothly and was a day that we all really enjoyed, I was delighted to hear from someone I shared a house with years ago who I hadn't heard from in recent years and I was lucky enough to spend some really nice evenings with both friends and family as well as feeling really special getting some lovely thoughtful gifts - it all bodes well for 2008 - bring it on!

The only low note over the festive season is that I am truly worried about a very, very close and special friend. She is going through a really tough time and I don't know how to help her, I don't want to alienate her but as her friend I can see she is suffering from from depression and suggesting she gets some help has gone down like a lead balloon but she is not herself and I only hope and pray I can find the right words to help her seek the help she needs without alienating her.

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Doris said...

Your Christmas sounds lovely and pleasant. Please try not to lose that lovely feeling!

As for your friend .... I too have depression at times (but not clinical as I always pull through though it doesn't feel like it at the time) but have to say I don't appreciate anyone telling me there is anything actually wrong with me and needing to be fixed. Sometimes I need people to leave me alone and sometimes I wish others would do more to help but I know not what. In the end, go with your gut instinct .... do what you feel is right. Let her know you love her and would miss her if anything ever happened to her. Just let her know she is special. As a small acorn of a gift. It may or may not help.

I had a friend I was very worried about once .... in the end I had to get help for myself as a friend because I couldn't get her any help! Years later my friend is struggling on with undiagnosed bi-polar or something and I keep a distance as I just can't help anymore. Sad.

Poignantly, when I was having a bad childhood episode of depression this is the same friend who once told me as a kid that she'd miss me if anything happened to me. That meant so much to me for so long, and makes me doubly guilty that I can not help her in these later years.

Doris said...

PS. How come I end up writing such essays in your comments! :-)

Curly K said...

Doris, you end up writing such essays for one reason only - you understand what I am talking about, (actually more than my friend, but I am determined to be there for her, so am listening to every syllable she utters right now; but will actually take a massive hug somewhere down the line - love ya babes :)!