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Monday, December 10, 2007

Mooncup and Keepers

As it was my birthday last week I asked my sister for a Mooncup as my present. My regular reader(s) will know that I ain't exactly known for rushing into quickly actioning many of the things I plan to get around to doing in my life. It is two years since I read a post from Doris about Mooncups and decided that I must get one and try it out.

I am with Doris in her sentiments not to put warnings for the squeamish on posts like this - Doris says "tosh" and I say bugger it, I am an adult woman and make no apologies for discussing periods and sanitary protection. I am well past being embarrassed by periods as I was ten when I first got mine so 24 years on it's all old hat to me.
What I cannot believe is that there is very little out there about either Mooncups or Keepers. Mooncups are made from surgical grade silicone and Keepers are made from latex rubber. They are an environmentally friendly alternative to both sanitary towels and tampons as they are re-usable menstrual cups which are worn internally to collect the menstrual flow.

If like me, you are a cynic you could be forgiven for thinking that there are a lot of big market brands out there in sanitary protection ware who have a lot to lose if these products gain market share. Financially the money that can be given to marketing the big brands in sanitary towels and tampons is huge so it isn't really surprising that there hasn't been much fanfare around a re-usable product which doesn't hold the same recurring profits for the retailers who stock them as they last approximately 10 years

I have not yet received my Mooncup but plan on doing a review as soon as possible after I first receive and use it. At this moment in time I cannot see how it could be more messy or uncomfortable than sanitary towels or any more intricate to insert than a tampon. Time will tell.


Cat said...

I couldn't even get to grips with a cap so I doubt I would manage one of these!

I read a lot about people using them who celebrate the menstrual flow, worship the blood and all sorts, which I couldn't really identify with. For me, having my period means two days of pain, and at least two days beforehand of weeping/ill temper, plus a minimum of five days of bleeding. What's to celebrate? I'm now at an age where I'm wondering if there was any point to all the suffering, since I probably won't have a baby!

I'll be interested to hear how you get on...

Curly K said...

Cat, I definitely ain't one of those women who worship the blood and celebrate the whole thing. I've also had painful and heavy periods for years and also wonder why sometimes as I too feel I might never have children :(

But that aside crappy periods are part of the reason that I feel this is worth a try, surely it can't be as problematic as disposing of wrapping/used tampons/sanitary towels or cause as much chaffing/drying/general inconvenience. I'm willing to give it a try and will keep you updated.

Sabrina said...

So far I have been able to resist the urge to paint with my menses, so I think you'll be OK there!

It does take a while to get the hang of but really, brilliant thing. If you're interested in more environmentally friendly alternatives, you might also check out cloth pads. They are so cozy!

Doris said...

Oh wowee Curly - when you try it, don't give up if it doesn't feel right to start off with. I'm now several years into mine and it is pretty amazing. Mind you, I am based at home and haven't had to deal with public facilities too often, but I have and it has been OK. A sense of achievement even!

I still have that clean feeling and rarely have leakage - except maybe the first day or so if it is so heavy. Maybe 5 leakages of any sort in over two years. Otherwise, no more stained nicks and is brilliant. Looks like new. I boil it only occasionally and the rest of the time wash with soap and water.

I still have pains during periods and feel crap though, I am afraid.

Curly K said...

Sabrina, really know that cloth pads are not for me, do not need any additional washing or indeed hassle re periods and hate disposal pads so cannot see how I will learn to live with re-usable sore - sorry however I am excited about the idea of a mooncup - whether reality lives up remains to be seen.

Doris, cannot wait, seems ideal to me, no more dryness, excess packaging etc. - all in a good deal! Hoping that it is as good as I imagine because to be fair it sounds like exactly what I have been waiting for! Will keep you updated!