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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Being 35!

So the moment has come, the clock has ticked twelve and I am now officially 35 - middle-aged? More than likely given that I'm a very overweight smoker who enjoys a drink and ain't addicted to either exercise or fresh fruit and vegetables!!!!

There are some very positive things about being 35 and where I am at in my life right now:
  • I'm young enough (and lucky enought) to still have my parents around and old enough to know how blessed that makes me
  • I know who my real friends are
  • I've been blessed with wonderful siblings (most of the time!) along with the joy of two beautiful, smart, funny nieces and a darling, inquisitive nephew
  • I'm settled into my career path for now, happy in my job (I've had some where the thoughts of going into work was nausea inducing!) and am doing ok at it
  • I am lucky enough to have enough money not to have to worry about it in my current situation
  • I own my own little house where I have great neighbours, a lovely garden and a fantastic view (all I need is Kim & Aggie to keep the feckin place clean!)
  • I have been able to visit a lot of wonderful places but would love to visit so many more - still have a few more continents to hit at the very least (can't believe I've not yet made it to the USA!)
  • I can now manage my curly hair instead of it managing me
  • And most importantly I have now come to terms with the fact that I will never wear that devastatingly short mini that I always dreamed of wearing for one-night only, this is not actually because of my gi-normous ass and thunder thighs although they were a contibuting factor in this acceptance, rather it is because I've faced the fact that I genetically have cankles! (thanks Ma!)

On the other hand, whilst I've never particularly minded getting older, am not one of those women who gets offended when asked her age (unlike the other women in my family - sorry girls!) and am not overly worried about being 35 per se, as a single, thus-far barren woman it does represent a marker in my life. According to fertility statistics my chances of ever being a mum are on a very, very slippery slope from here on in - strange when you consider to all intents and purposes all that has changed is the hand on a clock. I am no different than I was at 11.59pm but statistically my reproductive organs are on the road to nowhere! But enough about that subject my previous post Baby Race covers my thoughts on that topic - mind you it is frighening that it's from almost 2 years ago and I'm still in the same situation (albeit with a year long relationship in-between!)

Anyway, onwards and upwards, this could be the year;

  • The year I meet a life partner
  • The year I become a size 12 again
  • The year I become addicted to exercise
  • The year I give up smoking
  • The year I begin to welcome fruit and vegetables into my life as part of a healthy balanced diet
  • The year I become a clean freak and my house and office sparkle in their orderly tidiness
Or, what the heck, the year I wear that devastatingly short mini!!! - ''Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose!"

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Cat said...

I'm right behind you. Happy birthday, and here's to 35 being a great year!

Curly K said...

Thanks Cat - here's to it being a fantastic year for both of us!

yummymummy said...

Ah curly...back on top form but honestly I'm sure your family female family members have method in their madness somewhere...lol

Curly K said...

Yummymummy, I've not yet seen it - in fairness they're mad as brushes!!!LOL

EashtGalwayWoman said...

Tripped over here from Sweary's. When I hit 35 I did a skydive (tandem parachute) just to prove I could still kick some ass, went on South Beach and hit the gym to get fit. Slipped someowhat on the last two mind you but not so bad. If you would like a child why not go the artificial route? It's sounds like you have a nice life, why not? I have two hooligans, 8 and 3. I know the work they entail but still encourage you:)
Happy Belated birthday

Curly K said...

Eastgalwaywoman, welcome and thank you for your comments and birthday wishes :). It's not like I've never considered all possibilities with regards to children but up to now I've always felt my options have been open but more importantly I'm more traditional than I sometimes admit and would want any children I have to have what I had in life which is a traditional family. Old-fashioned I know, but it's how I feel right now - who knows, 2 years down the line I might be lining up with a turkey-baster and all gung-ho about the alternatives that are out there ;) But have definitely thought about the parachute jump - it's on my to-do list :)!

Doris said...

You have to wear that mini!

Belated birthday wishes :-)

Sorry to hear the relationship has demised ... must be to make way for a better one! ;-)